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  • Rohingya child in tears

    Almost everyone is survivor or witness

    Almost every Rohingya woman and girl, who fled the Rakhine State in Myanmar and took shelter in Bangladesh, is either a survivor of

  • 'We stand for mankind'

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said people will eat one meal a day and share another with the distressed Rohingyas, if necessary.

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    Dhaka for safe, sustainable return of all

    Bangladesh has called for measures to ensure safe, voluntary and sustainable return of all the people displaced from Myanmar into its territory over the years, including those displaced recently.

  • Voyage for safety ends in tragedy

    Mohammad Zafar held one of his twin sons tight in his arms and kept the other in the lap as the trawler bobbed up and down in rough waters amid heavy rain.

  • Rohingya refugee

    India stands by Bangladesh

    India stands by Bangladesh in diplomatic and humanitarian ways for addressing the Rohingya crisis, Indian High Commissioner to

  • Cease Rohingya persecution

    The European Parliament has called upon the military and security forces in Myanmar to immediately cease the killings, harassment

  • Reporter’s Diary: Alive, barely

    The day after the Eid moon was sighted, while the Muslim world collectively celebrated, Khurshida, 32, sat in her home in Buthidaung

  • Death came hissing through the air

    Hearing gunshots, Md Yunus realised that troops were closing in on their village. So he instantly ran towards a nearby hillock to hide


    Denouncing the atrocities unleashed by the military in Rakhine State as “acts against humanity and violation of human rights”, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said Myanmar must take back its citizens now sheltered in Bangladesh. "Myanmar has to take back its nationals and give them a safe place to live in their homeland. The international community should put pressure on Myanmar as it is committing such atrocities against Rohingya people ... this has to be stopped," she added.

  • So low, so fast

    Seldom, if ever, in history has a world hero fallen so fast into disrepute. Never have so many people and organisations representing

  • Shared food, homes for some refugees

    “They pushed me away. I couldn't even fight back because I had my baby with me and he could have gotten hurt,” Shanwara Begum in her mid-twenties says, her arm wrapped around her two-year old boy. Her eyes are a rare light shade of blue. They might have sparkled once; now they are dull.

  • Global outcry grows louder

    International outcry over the atrocities against Rohingyas is growing with politicians, rights activists and Nobel laureates castigating the Myanmar government, as an estimated 2,70,000 of the persecuted community have sought refuge in Bangladesh over the past two weeks.

  • From land of death, despair

    While growing up in Myanmar's Rakhine, Noor Sabah, now 70, was constantly reminded the country didn't own her. Her movement was restricted and her access to education, health and other basic services was limited. People of her community also had to pay extra tax for getting married and building homes. Braving all these odds, they lived there for generations.

  • Caught in the thick

    Indian Premier Narendra Modi's stance on the Rohingya issue has emerged as another example of how the plights of the ethnic

  • Little souls in distress

    Noor Ankis looks pale, tired and terrified. The seven-month pregnant woman walked through jungles and hills for ten days and nights before reaching Ukhia's Bagguna, where a camp is being set up by the new arrivals from Myanmar. “I walked some distance, stopped to rest a little and began walking again. One child was in my arms and my father carried the other,” said Noor, 25.

  • PM criticises Myanmar's handling of crisis

    Bangladesh was facing problems because of the way Myanmar government reacted to insurgency, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday.

  • Myanmar Rohingya Crisis: Malaysia, Turkey slam rights abuses

    Malaysia and Turkey yesterday condemned escalating human rights violations targeting the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar's Rakhine state.

  • In desperate need for shelter

    Nearly 70,000 Rohingya refugees have gathered at two newly built camps in Teknaf and Ukhia of Cox's Bazar as the old shelters in the district are already overcrowded. So far, an estimated 90,000 Rohingyas have arrived in Bangladesh in the wake of violence triggered by a Rohingya insurgent attack in Myanmar's Rakhine State on August 25.

  • News Analysis: World concerned, but result zero

    This is a humanitarian disaster.

  • Violence in Rakhine State: Deadly attacks in Myanmar kill 89

    Muslim militants in Myanmar staged a coordinated attack on 30 police posts and an army base in Rakhine State yesterday, and at least 59 of the insurgents and 12 members of the security forces were killed, the army and government said. The fighting -- still going on in some areas -- marked a major escalation in a simmering conflict in the northwestern state since last October, when similar attacks prompted a big military sweep beset by allegations of serious human rights abuses.

  • Fresh influx on

    In the wake of Rohingya insurgents' attacks on police and army personnel in Rakhine State, Bangladesh yesterday saw a sudden influx of Rohingyas who fled Myanmar for fear of persecution.