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  • Social media giant Facebook is expected to provide Congress with more than 3,000 ads that ran around the time of the 2016 presidential election and are linked to a Russian ad agency.

    Facebook to turn over Russia-linked ads

    Social media giant Facebook is expected to provide Congress with more than 3,000 ads that ran around the time of the 2016 presidential election and are linked to a Russian ad agency.

  • [WATCH] Dhakaites react to victory of Donald Trump

    Dhaka dwellers express their instant reaction as Donald Trump wins the American election to become the 45th President of the United States.

  • Trump would spend billions more on military, but for what?

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s US military buildup plan would cost hundreds of billions of dollars - but with no apparent strategy, defense experts from across the political spectrum say.

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    Clinton leads Trump in key swing states

    If the US presidential election were held today, Democrat Hillary Clinton would win the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia and have a 95 percent chance of beating Republican Donald Trump to become America's first female president, according to the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project.

  • How not to win an election?

    It's not easy, but one way to try and maintain sanity is by taking a worldwide view of every situation.

  • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    The race for the White House is heating up

    Brawn, brain and tears sum up the tone, temper and texture of the Republican and Democrat national conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia respectively.

  • Hillary Clinton for US president

    We congratulate Hillary Clinton who, after a grueling 15-month campaign, has finally clinched the Democratic Party's nomination for US president...

  • Trump top aide leaves campaign

    The campaign manager for presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is to leave his job.

  • Clinton sets sights on Trump

    Fresh from sewing up the Democratic presidential nomination, HIllary Clinton takes aim at her Republican nemesis Donald Trump for using divisive rhetoric that belittles women, Muslims and immigrants.

  • Most hated American endorses most hated US presidential candidate

    Martin Shkreli, an infamous American pharmaceutical bigshot often considered 'the most hated man in America', endorses Donald Trump for US presidential elections.

  • Trump rally sparks clashes in San Diego

    Supporters and opponents of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump clashes in the city of San Diego in California.

  • Does it matter who's the next US president?

    Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have fallen by the wayside, while Donald Trump dashed to the finishing line of Republican Party nomination for the US presidential race in 2016.

  • Trump possible Republican nominee as Cruz drops out

    Ted Cruz drops out of the US Republican presidential nomination race after Donald Trump delivers a decisive win in the Indiana primary.

  • Trump lashes out at Republican leaders

    Republican Donald Trump says the party's leaders do not want him to win the presidential nomination, and the rules are "stacked" against him.

  • Why Trump?

    Some people run simply out of ego or greed. The publicity that attends a presidential bid can garner even a failed candidate a book contract, a television gig, or a well-paid speaking career (or perhaps all three). Trump ran on the basis of his celebrity.

  • Trump stares down protesters after rally violence

    Donald Trump trains his fire on the protesters disrupting his rallies, branding them "thugs" and extremists, as White House rivals warned the Republican's heated rhetoric was dangerously fanning tensions.

  • Trump calls off rally amid protests

    Donald Trump calls off a rally in Chicago after protests against the Republican presidential front-runner led to violent clashes.

  • Republicans mock Trump over no-show

    Donald Trump has been mocked by his Republican rivals at a televised debate in Iowa, after quitting the event in a row with Fox News.