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  • Pressure mounts on 'isolated Trump'

    Donald Trump was fired up. When the US president set off for Europe one week ago he was bent on knocking heads with Washington's allies and finding friendship with Russia.

  • Model trade deal con

    In early 2016, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement—involving twelve countries on the Pacific Ocean rim, including the USA—was signed in New Zealand. Right after his inauguration in January 2017, newly elected US President Donald Trump withdrew from the TPP, effectively killing the agreement as its terms require the participation of both the US and Japan.

  • Trump puts America back in Asia

    The 37th annual Cobra Gold military exercise among 29 nations, now under way in Thailand, reflects the United States' nuanced geostrategic playbook under the Trump administration. It was thought in many quarters that the administration of US President Donald Trump would take an isolationist turn and be aloof from Asian affairs, given its “America First” mantra. But this has not been the case after its first year in office.

  • Trump welcomes possible talks between NKorea and SKorea

    Potential talks between North Korea and South Korea are “a good thing”, US President Donald Trump says in a post on Twitter in which he also took credit for any dialogue after Seoul and Pyongyang this week signaled willingness to speak.

  • Shaping Eurasia's future

    US President Donald J Trump's targeting of a two-year-old agreement curtailing Iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons could not only spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, but also tilt European-Chinese competition for domination of Eurasia's future energy infrastructure in China's favour.

  • Combating hatred with history

    After a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which anti-fascist campaigner Heather Heyer was killed, and many others injured, US President Donald Trump notoriously blamed “both sides” for the violence.

  • North Korea military option 'locked and loaded', says Trump

    US President Donald Trump says a military option against North Korea was "locked and loaded," his latest salvo in an escalating war of words with Pyongyang's nuclear-armed regime.

  • Trump's surprisingly strong start with India

    Heading into the recent meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump, expectations were modest.

  • Donald Trump

    Can US states right Trump's wrongs?

    US President Donald Trump, with the help of a Republican-controlled Congress, is undermining many of the fundamental values that Americans hold dear.

  • Trump's truck driver moment pics overdrive Twitter

    President Donald Trump meets with truckers at the White House, and they let him get behind the wheel of one of the big rigs himself.

  • Trump policies cloud potential US World Cup bid

    President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies could hurt an expected U.S. bid to host the 2026 World Cup although plenty of time remains for concerns to ease before the decision by world soccer's governing body FIFA.

  • Golf legend Arnold Palmer dies at 87

    Arnold Palmer, the golf great whose charisma and common touch drew a legion of fans known as "Arnie's Army" and propelled the game into the mainstream, dies at the age of 87.

  • Obama, Bourdain eat cheap noodles, drink cold beer in Vietnam

    Deep in the heart of Hanoi, US President Barack Obama sits down for a $6 meal with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain on Tuesday. The chef, known for his love of adventurous street food, describes the date in a series of tweets and an Instagram post.

  • Obama dismisses NKorea nuclear ‘offer’

    US President Barack Obama dismisses North Korea's proposal to suspend nuclear tests if the US ends its annual military exercises with the South.

  • US 'to send 250 more troops' to Syria

    US President Barack Obama is to send 250 additional military personnel to Syria to support local militias in the fight against so-called Islamic State (IS), officials have said.

  • Why Trump?

    Some people run simply out of ego or greed. The publicity that attends a presidential bid can garner even a failed candidate a book contract, a television gig, or a well-paid speaking career (or perhaps all three). Trump ran on the basis of his celebrity.

  • Meet Mrs Trump, the First Lady of BLING!

    With its imposing splendour and sumptuous glamour, few people come away unimpressed from White House — a fitting home for a man who is master of all he surveys.

  • Obama interested in top UN job: US media

    US President Barack Obama has set his sights on becoming the next Secretary General of the United Nations when he leaves the White House in one year, the US media reported on Sunday.

  • [WATCH] US gun control inaction must end: Obama

    An emotional US President Barack Obama has unveiled new restrictions on gun purchases, saying the "constant excuses for inaction" have to stop.

  • Obama takes action over US gun laws

    US President Barack Obama is to widen background checks on buyers of firearms, in a series of measures to address gun violence.

  • Obama vows to defeat 'new phase' of terrorist threat

    US President Barack Obama lays out the most sweeping defense yet of his strategy to defeat Islamic State, but he offered no US policy shift to confront what he called a "new phase" in the terrorist threat after a mass shooting in California.

  • Donald Trump does not know the world

    Donald Trump is full of ideas, but all his ideas are sadly full of it. This billionaire-turned-US politician has called China “the number one abuser...

  • Donald Trump does not know the world

    Donald Trump is full of ideas, but all his ideas are sadly full of it. This billionaire-turned-US politician has called China “the number one abuser...

  • Obama to Pakistan: Avoid raising nuclear tensions

    U.S. President Barack Obama urges Pakistan to avoid developments in its nuclear weapons programme that could increase risks and instability.

  • Turkey in mourning after blast

    Turkey is beginning three days of mourning after two blasts at a peace rally in the capital Ankara killed at least 95 people on Saturday, the deadliest ever such attack in Turkey.

  • Syrian crisis: Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS'

    US President Barack Obama says the Russian bombing campaign in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad is driving moderate opposition underground and "only strengthening" Islamic State.

  • ‘Assad must go’ to ensure IS defeat: Obama

    US President Barack Obama has said defeating Islamic State in Syria would only be possible if President Bashar al-Assad stepped down.

  • Pop stars, world leaders rally to end poverty

    Some of the biggest names in music and politics from Beyonce to European prime ministers rallied in a concert aimed at mobilizing action to eradicate extreme poverty.

  • No Muslim should be US president: Carson

    Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson said no Muslim should be president of the United States.

  • Obama to unveil clean energy plan

    US President Barack Obama is due to unveil what he called "the biggest, most important step we have ever taken" in tackling climate change.