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  • How are we doing — as human beings?

    It is one of the biggest paradoxes of present time — the contradiction of having the most remarkable advancements in technology with the most regressive developments in human civilisation.

  • BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir talks on 11th Bangladesh General election

    Govt cheating with secularism tag: Fakhrul

    BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleges that that the government is “cheating” people in the name of secularism.

  • Pakistani activist murdered in Karachi

    A prominent Pakistani journalist and human rights activist, Khurram Zaki, is shot dead in Karachi.

  • Govt moves to form media monitoring centre

    The government has taken initiative to form a “media monitoring centre” to monitor news items published in different media, the information minister tells the parliament.

  • Amnesty urges action to stop attacks on secular activists

    Amnesty International today urges the Bangladesh authorities to ensure protection of activists and writers who are under threat.

  • Murder of Hindu priest

    We vehemently condemn the attack on a Hindu temple and the murder of a priest, that too on a day which, for Bangladeshis, symbolises plurality, tolerance and secularism.

  • The real face of Bangladesh - moderate, secular

    The high-profile arrests and deportation of 27 Bangladeshi workers from Singapore for planning violent attacks overseas may have caused some Singaporeans to wonder about Bangladesh and its people. The truth is that the country is a secular, moderate nation with a Muslim-majority population.

  • Keep Britain Out

    After all, the two communities lived together for centuries before the British introduced the separate electorate; Hindus exercising their vote only in favour of Hindu candidates and Muslims for the candidates of their own religion.

  • Perils of Political Islam

    Bangladeshi society has been undergoing tension and contradiction between secularism and political Islam.

  • Engage all political parties to stop such killings: BNP

    BNP says the government should engage all political parties to stop recurring of killings like the murder of Faisal Arefin Dipon, owner of a publishing house.

  • Dipan’s father believes in ‘ideology of killers’: Hanif

    Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahabubul Alam Hanif comes down heavily on Prof Abul Qashem Fazlul Huq for not seeking trial of the killers of his son publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan.

  • Open letter urges arrest of ‘blogger-killers’

    Following a string of brutal “machete” murders of Bangladeshi bloggers, an open letter today calls upon the Bangladeshi government to stop “victim-blaming” the bloggers and focus on catching the extremists who are murdering them.

  • Secularism, Bangabandhu, Bangladesh

    It was none other than Professor Abdur Razzak who could read Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman correctly, and that is why he had considered him as “a symbol of Bangladesh”.

  • UN experts condemn bloggers' killings

    Condemning recent killings of bloggers in Bangladesh, UN human rights experts warn that it is an alarming signal of deterioration of the space for freedom of expression.

  • Saffronisation of secularism

    NOT many in Pakistan, still fewer in India, recalled that this March 23 marked the 75th year of the Muslim League's resolution to demand partition of India.

  • Blogger Avijit’s widow 'won’t be silenced' (audio)

    Widow of a blogger who was hacked to death in Bangladesh says she will continue to speak out on the causes of secularism and science