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  • Venezuelan security forces killed hundreds: UN

    Venezuelan security forces suspected of killing hundreds of demonstrators and alleged criminals enjoy immunity from prosecution, indicating that the rule of law is "virtually absent" in the country, the United Nations says.

  • Rule of law or the will of some?

    Even if the police establish Babul's involvement in the murder, they cannot force him to resign using it as a bargaining weapon. The police do not have such jurisdiction and any such action is unlawful. Babul's fate must be decided by the court. If found guilty and convicted, he will automatically be unfit to hold his job in the police force.

  • The stakes are way high

    Bangladesh, despite making some significant improvements in economy, is yet to establish an egalitarian society based on accountability and the rule of law.

  • Noted citizens for decentralising power

    Noted citizens stresses the need for decentralisation of power to strengthen democratic institutions and ensure the rule of law.

  • Excessive use of force - a remnant of colonial rule?

    The deviation of policemen in the form of criminal acts and other illegal activities are always deplorable as they shake the foundation of society by eroding faith and trust in the rule of law.