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  • Another den busted

    The RAB raid on April 29 ended with two terrorists blowing themselves up in the Bosila area.

  • Enemy of none, lover of sitar

    He was a sitar player. All his life, he was devoted to music, culture and peace. His family members and colleagues don't believe he had enmity with anyone. He never said or wrote anything against any religion or hurt anybody's religious sentiment.

  • Khaleda Zia's Punishment

    BNP may amend charter to denounce extremism

    The BNP is likely to amend its declaration and charter to clear its stance on religious extremism, amid criticisms at home and abroad for its alleged leniency towards militancy and radicalism.

  • Obaidul Quader

    AL has no strong political opposition: Quader

    Observing that Awami League has no strong opposition in politics right now, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader says the ruling party’s main challenge is actually to tackle religious extremism.

  • The yearning for ancestral roots

    The distress felt in identity formation is only rarely directed towards religious extremism, but is present nevertheless. The 'unbelonging' is in part because people of Bangladeshi origin living overseas do not see their lives reflected in story telling industries.

  • Uniting to prevent violent extremism

    Violent extremism is a direct assault on the United Nations Charter and a grave threat to international peace and security.

  • Reactivated JMB!

    If all those extremists killed and arrested in the last one month belong to the JMB then all those that had written off the extremist group as a non-entity and without the capacity to create problems for the country must be eating their words, and that includes the head of our police too.

  • In the grip of madness

    Bangladesh's experience with ribald extremism and terrorism is more recent and, so far, has been less painful in terms of mass attacks or casualties. But there has been a slow, but steady gnawing at the very soul of this country.

  • Understanding the insidious extremism

    Against the obscurantism of the scheming religious extremists, one has to realise that in rural Bangladesh, religious and traditional beliefs are far more tenacious than the liberal fronts imagine.

  • Bangladeshis are religious, not bigots: BNP

    People of Bangladesh are religious, but not bigots and they do not support religious extremism, says BNP.

  • Mob justice

    Afghan police jailed over mob death

    An Afghan judge sentences 11 police on Tuesday to one year in jail for failing to prevent the mob killing of Farkhunda in Kabul who was accused of burning a copy of the Quran.

  • Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed

    Alienation breeds intolerance -- 'You need to invest in Islamic scholarship.'

    All countries have some form of extremism, even developed Western countries—on both the left and the right wings.