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  • An untold rape, life thereafter

    At the tender age of 13, when she should be out playing with friends or studying, her life now revolves around tending to a son born out of rape.

  • Indonesia to impose castration for child rapists

    Amid rampant rape cases against children, President Joko Widodo issued a regulation in lieu of law to impose more severe punishments for child rapists, which include chemical castration.

  • Most rape victims are minors

    A study by this paper has found that 82 percent of rape victims are under the age of 20, many of them minors. More than half of the victims were schoolgirls who were raped on their way to or from school. About twenty-two percent were sexually abused at home.

  • Prompt and sensitive handling of rape cases

    Rights organisations have been protesting the insensitivity and sometimes discrimination shown by law enforcers when dealing with cases of sexual assault and rape.