• Char children getting poor schooling

    It was late March. Around 3:30pm, the Biramer Pachgachchi Govt Primary School was already closed, an hour too early. So was the nearby Kashirpara Govt Primary School. Both schools face a similar problem --neither the students nor the teachers are much interested in class.

  • Dropouts get another  shot at education

    Dropouts get fresh chance

    Underprivileged primary school dropouts in Kalmakanda upazila of Netrakona have found a way back to education through an initiative of seven youths.

  • As govt fails, locals come forward

    The government's long-running 'Guchchhogram' public housing scheme is intended to give landless families a new footing from which they can create prosperous, self-sufficient lives.

  • 82,500 get primary terminal scholarships

    A total of 82, 500 students got scholarships in the Primary Terminal Examinations 2015 this year which has increased by 27,500 compared to the last year, Primary and Mass Education Minister Mustafizur Rahman announces.

  • How education and stimulation in early years can help children thrive for a lifetime

    Today, 99 percent of Bangladesh's girls and 97 percent of boys are enrolled in primary school.

  • Most teachers do not know what it is

    More than half of the 100 primary school teachers, who took part in a survey, are still unclear about creative education method introduced five years ago to bring a qualitative change.

  • €10.5m more EU fund for primary schools

    European Union announces release of €10.5 million fund for the primary education of Bangladesh through its sector budget support operation.