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  • Tight security measures for Aug 15

    In the backdrops of recent militant attacks across the country, law enforcers will beef up security in and around Bangabandhu Memorial Museum at Dhanmondi on the occasion of National Mourning Day on August 15.

  • ‘Rapist seeking revenge suspected in Mexico deaths’

    The prime suspect in the slaying of 11 family members is an alleged rapist seeking revenge against a victim whose complaint had him jailed, a Mexican law enforcement official said Saturday.

  • The terrifying disappearing act

    The thought that citizens of a democratic, independent country can be picked up by law enforcement agents anytime, anywhere, without any kind of warrant and be whisked away into oblivion, is grossly contradictory.

  • Ensuring accountability for fair law enforcement

    While police officers are, and should continue to be, held personally responsible for their actions, considerable responsibility rests with the police department and the government to ensure that sound, effective system exists for misconduct by individual officers to be reported, investigated, and dealt with fairly.

  • Three pro-ruling party men killed by law enforcers

    We were outraged at the heinous crimes perpetrated by some pro-ruling party men in Magura, Hazaribagh and Kushtia.

  • PM orders zero tolerance for traffickers

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says in parliament that her government has directed the law-enforcement agencies to show 'zero tolerance' against human traffickers.

  • The police video that shocked America

    A video of a black teenage girl being dragged to the ground by a white police officer is being widely shared online, and has become the latest talking point in the debate over police and race relations in America.

  • Excessive use of force - a remnant of colonial rule?

    The deviation of policemen in the form of criminal acts and other illegal activities are always deplorable as they shake the foundation of society by eroding faith and trust in the rule of law.

  • police attack on protesters

    The blurring of distinction between law enforcement and law breaking

    This is not common in countries where the law enforcement machinery is handicapped by a serious gap in training and education in professionalism, human rights, and behaviour.

  • Pakistan militants deny killing in Khyber

    The news that Pakistan security forces killed 30 militants in gun battles in the mountainous northwestern Khyber region on Saturday, is being denied by a spokesman for the militants.

  • Kidnap, murder in the hands of a cop!

    WE are shocked and horrified at the kidnap and murder of a nine-year-old boy for ransom by a member of a law enforcement agency in Sylhet.