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  • India's crackdown on Kashmir will spur global Muslim extremism: Imran

    India's crackdown on protests and dissent in Kashmir will drive more of the world's Muslims into extremism, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says during a fiery speech in the part of the disputed territory administered by Pakistan.

  • Women and violent extremism

    Studies of some 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, South and East Asia show that an overwhelming majority of women in these countries are victims of violent extremism and terrorism.

  • A logical antidote

    Currently, the Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN Women Bangladesh are jointly drafting a National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (NAP) with a view to implementing the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which calls for increasing women's participation in efforts to maintain peace and security. The NAP shall aim to ensure women's meaningful participation in the prevention of conflict

  • Building awareness against extremism stressed

    Speakers stress the need for building public awareness against extremism in the country through the participation of different stakeholders including religious leaders, teachers and NGO activists.

  • The ouster of ISIL from Mosul

    It is the considered opinion of scholars and observers of terrorism and extremism that the ISIL capture of Mosul was the most significant...

  • Avoid tunnel vision in tackling extremism

    Our policymakers should appreciate, more importantly acknowledge, that the radicals have made inroads in our midst. The affluent and the educated youths have been targeting those whose minds have been indented enough to be motivated to not only disown the parents but also indulge in suicide attacks.

  • Causes of extremism in Bangladesh

    I read the article 'When kids become monsters' with interest published in TDS on July 5, 2016. The narration was correct and interesting.

  • Extremism and the bamboo brigade

    Of late we have seen pictures of the police handing over bamboo sticks to groups of people in various districts ostensibly for the purpose of combating militancy and extremism in the country.

  • Extremists are spreading their tentacles

    We are completely dumbfounded by the killing of police officer Babul Akter's wife Mahmuda Khanam Mitu in front of her six-years-old son.

  • Nityaranjan Pandey

    ‘Shibir leader’ held in Pabna Hindu ashram volunteer killing

    Police pick up an alleged Shibir leader in suspicion of his involvement with the killing of a volunteer of a Hindu ashram in Pabna.

  • Read the extremists threat correctly

    The government must realise that it is against heavy odds, that it faces an organised group that is well led both at the strategic and tactical level as evident from the recent conduct of the killings.

  • Concern over extremism, shrinking of political space

    Terming political situation in Bangladesh worrying, members of the European Parliament (EP) called for dialogue between democratic parties of the country to reach a political consensus, and for greater respect for freedom of speech.


    Not only the European Union, but the rest of the world is also beginning to express concern about the spate of killings by extremists in Bangladesh over the last three years.

  • All-out help in fighting terrorism

    Washington yesterday reassured Dhaka about extending all-out assistance in countering violent extremism and terrorism before it took root in Bangladesh.

  • US, India and Bangladesh extremism

    The matter is compounded further when one of the two happens to be the main protagonist of the current global war on terror and whose policy of fighting that war stemmed from the most injudicious, self-centered strategy that has accentuated rather than attenuated extremism, and whose policy has helped extremists spread their tentacles in countries which were not in their radar before the start of the GWOT.

  • Bangladesh, US and India to fight terrorism jointly: Bernicat

    US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat says the US, Bangladesh and India will join efforts in countering violent extremism and terrorism.

  • Intolerance continues to kill

    The motive behind the horrid murder of Shahidullah, a 'Pir' in Rajshahi, is unknown but the way unidentified assailants killed him bears the hallmark of extremists who have been behind the recent killings of several others, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

  • A ‘productive’ Bangladesh trip: Nisha Biswal

    US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal says that she has had a “productive” Bangladesh trip taking forward bilateral cooperation on countering terrorism and extremism.

  • Rahman Mizanur

    Terror cell 'unfazed' by earlier arrests

    Around the time that Singapore announced in January the arrest and deportation of 27 radicalised Bangladeshis under the Internal Security Act (ISA), S-Pass holder Rahman Mizanur, 31, came up with plans for an extremist group and began recruiting his countrymen.

  • Stand against violent acts of extremists

    The European Parliament delegation for South Asia has called on the government, political parties and civil society members to

  • Enemy of none, lover of sitar

    He was a sitar player. All his life, he was devoted to music, culture and peace. His family members and colleagues don't believe he had enmity with anyone. He never said or wrote anything against any religion or hurt anybody's religious sentiment.

  • PM renews call for greater unity of Muslim Ummah

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina renews her call for greater unity of the Muslim Ummah and its pursuit of the great Islamic values of fraternity, justice and inclusion. The premier also reiterates her "zero tolerance" policy to terrorism and violent extremism.

  • Change strategy for containing violent extremism, ICG urges Bangladesh govt

    The government should change its present strategy to contain violent extremism and political threats, says Brussels-based think-tank International Crisis Group.

  • Dhaka-US renews pledge to fight extremism

    The US say it will remain beside Bangladesh in the ongoing fight against violent extremism and terrorism, which threaten societies that cherish basic human freedom.

  • Uniting to prevent violent extremism

    Violent extremism is a direct assault on the United Nations Charter and a grave threat to international peace and security.

  • We are better off but not happy!

    Bangladeshis simply cannot allow extremists to triumph over liberalism and the way to defeat extremism is neither through dagger nor through 'development' but through unadulterated democracy.

  • Reactivated JMB!

    If all those extremists killed and arrested in the last one month belong to the JMB then all those that had written off the extremist group as a non-entity and without the capacity to create problems for the country must be eating their words, and that includes the head of our police too.

  • Bangladesh in 34-state Islamic military alliance

    Bangladesh has joined a Saudi Arabia-based 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, according to a joint statement published on state news agency SPA.

  • In the grip of madness

    Bangladesh's experience with ribald extremism and terrorism is more recent and, so far, has been less painful in terms of mass attacks or casualties. But there has been a slow, but steady gnawing at the very soul of this country.

  • Understanding the insidious extremism

    Against the obscurantism of the scheming religious extremists, one has to realise that in rural Bangladesh, religious and traditional beliefs are far more tenacious than the liberal fronts imagine.