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  • Anti-drug drive

    Two ‘drug dealers’ killed in ‘gunfight’

    Two suspected drug peddlers died in reported gun battles with police in Rajshahi and Narayanganj early yesterday.

  • mugging in Dhaka

    'Drug peddler' killed in Cumilla 'gunfight'

    An alleged drug peddler was killed in a “gunfight” with police at Dhonpur in Cumilla's Sadar upazila yesterday.

  • Govt making anti-drug law with harsher punishment

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said the government was formulating an anti-narcotics law keeping a provision of death penalty for the patrons of drug traders, drug syndicates and the godfathers.

  • Anti-Drug War

    2 more 'drug dealers' killed in 'gunfights'

    Two alleged drug traders were killed in what police claimed was a gunfight in Kalibari area in the town early yesterday amid the countrywide ongoing anti-narcotics drive.

  • Yaba couple-drug dealer Farhana Akhtar alias Papia

    'Yaba couple' captured

    Farhana Akhtar alias Papia married a drug dealer when she was just a teenager. She learnt the ins and outs of the illicit business pretty soon and expanded its network, especially by recruiting females.

  • anti-narcotics drive

    Death count tops 100 in 15 days

    So-called shootouts in the ongoing anti-narcotics drive keep claiming lives with the number of deaths standing at 108 until last night.

  • Moral Dilemma of the drug wars

    News about security forces mowing down several dozen “drug dealers” in the last two weeks has got many of us writhing in moral agony over “shootouts” happening on an increasing tempo. True, drug abuse is highly detrimental to our youth and surely drug dealers need to be checked vigorously, but committing the state-sanctioned “ultimate sin” to rid ourselves of some low-level operatives is quite disturbing, to say the least.

  • 10 drug dealers jailed in Comilla

    A mobile court sentences drug peddlers to different terms of imprisonment in the town and Chandiana upazila.

  • 12 more 'drug dealers' killed

    Amid criticisms over the sudden surge in the killing of suspected drug peddlers in so-called gunfights, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan yesterday defended the ongoing nationwide crackdown on narcotics.

  • Flushing out complicit cops

    Media reports reveal the shocking existence of a syndicate of members of the police force that are allegedly involved in smuggling Yaba drugs.

  • Yaba menace pervading

    WE are deeply concerned by a recent report of this newspaper revealing that about 50 lakh Yaba pills are trafficked into the country and consumed every day, most of which come from Myanmar.

  • Youth shot dead in Dhaka

    A youth is gunned down allegedly by a group of miscreants in Jatrabari area of Dhaka.