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  • Senate approves impeachment trial rules, rejecting witnesses

    The US Senate plunged into President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial with Republicans abruptly abandoning plans to cram opening arguments into two days but solidly rejecting Democratic demands for more witnesses to expose what they deem Trump’s “trifecta” of offenses.

  • Trump heading to Switzerland as impeachment trial reconvenes

    When President Donald Trump’s historic impeachment trial is called to order in the Senate this week, he won’t be watching from inside the chamber or on television from the White House. He’ll be thousands of miles away at the Davos economic forum in the Swiss Alps, trying to charm global CEOs over dinner.

  • 5 things you need to know to understand Iran-US crisis

    The decision of US President Donald Trump to kill Qasem Soleimani has left the international community reeling.

  • Iran Attack

    Trump may start a war with Iran but can he end it?

    Did Donald Trump really mean what he said—that it was to prevent war, and not make one, for which a top Iranian military commander was hit in Baghdad on his instructions?

  • Trump calls for World Bank to stop loaning to China

    US President Donald Trump has called for the World Bank to stop loaning money to China, one day after the institution adopted a lending plan to Beijing over Washington’s objections.

  • 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults

    NATO leaders set aside public insults ranging from "delinquent" to "brain dead" and "two-faced", declaring at a 70th anniversary summit they would stand together against a common threat from Russia and prepare for China's rise.

  • Evidence of Trump misconduct 'overwhelming'

    Democrats present a forceful case for impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office in a report detailing “overwhelming evidence” of misconduct in office and obstruction by the US leader.

  • Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters

    US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed two bills aimed at supporting human rights and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

  • Trump invited for Dec 4 impeachment hearing

    The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Tuesday invited President Donald Trump to its first impeachment hearing, scheduled for December 4, starting a new phase of the inquiry that could lead to formal charges against the president within weeks.

  • Trump impeachment hearings about to go public

    The closed doors of the Trump impeachment investigation are swinging wide open.

  • Trump fined $2m for misusing charity foundation

    A judge orders President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to an array of charities as a fine for misusing his own charitable foundation to further his political and business interests.

  • US judge blocks Trump's health insurance rule for immigrants

    A federal judge in Portland, Oregon, put on hold a Trump administration rule requiring immigrants prove they will have health insurance or can pay for medical care before they can get visas.

  • ‘Kim and Trump have special relationship’

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump have a "special" relationship, a top Pyongyang official says, echoing remarks this week by the American head of state.

  • Trump says Turkey and Kurds needed to fight 'like two kids'

    US President Donald Trump has said that he allowed Turkish and Kurdish forces to clash in deadly battle because the two sides were like children who needed to fight each other.

  • Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally

    US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declare themselves united in a relentless fight against "terrorism," vowing a close, personal alliance in front of tens of thousands of Indian-Americans.

  • Trump to meet Imran, Modi for talks focusing on Kashmir

    US President Donald Trump has said that he will meet both Indian and Pakistani leaders in the next few days while claiming that “a lot of progress is being made” in defusing tensions between South Asia’s two nuclear-armed neighbours.

  • Trump claims Modi sought help on Kashmir, India denies

    US President Donald Trump makes a startling claim that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sought his help on the Kashmir issue, a claim promptly denied by India.

  • Dhaka worried over Trump's Golan Heights decision

    Bangladesh has expressed deep concern over the recent announcement of the US's recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

  • Democrats launch sweeping probe

    US Democratic lawmakers has launched their most ambitious investigation yet into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office by Donald Trump, targeting dozens of individuals in the president's inner circle.

  • Trump ‘committed to defeating IS in Syria’

    President Donald Trump has ordered a slowdown to the withdrawal of US forces in Syria, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday.

  • Pakistan PM fires back after Trump criticism

    Pakistan's prime minister fired back Monday after President Donald Trump accused the country of harboring Osama bin Laden despite getting billions of dollars in American aid.

  • US 'confident' NKorea's Kim will fulfill commitments

    The United States remains confident that denuclearization "promises" made during a historic summit between Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un will be fulfilled, a State Department spokesperson says.

  • 'I'll never forgive Trump': Michelle slams Trump in new book

    Former US first lady Michelle Obama says she can "never forgive" Donald Trump for questioning her husband's American citizenship, saying the president and other "birthers" put her family at risk, in her hotly anticipated new memoir.

  • US midterm election

    US voters give verdict on Trump

    After a divisive campaign marked by fierce clashes over race, immigration and other cultural issues, Americans vote to determine the balance of power in the US Congress and shape the future of Donald Trump's presidency.

  • Trump, Obama in frenzied final push

    Donald Trump, his Republicans and their Democratic rivals steeled themselves for a final frenzied day of campaigning yesterday on the eve of contentious US midterm elections, when voters render their verdict on the president's first two years in office.

  • US to build up nuke arsenal

    President Donald Trump said the United States is ready to bolster its nuclear arsenal after announcing it is abandoning a Cold War-era nuclear treaty, as Russia warned the withdrawal could cripple global security.

  • US judge dismisses porn star's case

    President Donald Trump scored a legal victory Monday against porn star Stormy Daniels when a federal US judge rejected her defamation suit against him.

  • US President Donald Trump

    'It comes and goes'

    President Donald Trump, a longtime climate change skeptic, said Monday on a tour of hurricane damage in the southern United States that "something" is happening -- but that the change is not permanent.

  • Brett Kavanaugh

    Kavanaugh sworn into US SC after divisive fight

    Brett Kavanaugh is sworn as US Supreme Court justice following the closest Senate confirmation vote in more than a century, marking a major win for President Donald Trump's drive to move the country's political institutions to the right.

  • New bombshell revives debate on Trump fitness for office

    Donald Trump faces a new challenge to his authority after US media reported that his deputy attorney general had discussed ways to force him from office on grounds of incompetence, just months into his presidency.