• gunfight

    4 ‘yaba traders’ killed in Cox’s Bazar ‘gunfights’ with BGB, police

    Four alleged yaba traders have been killed in separate “gunfights” with Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and police in Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar district.

  • Parliamentarians’ assault on the rule of law

    In the annals of Bangladesh’s parliamentary history, January 14, 2020 has secured special significance.

  • Were those really incidents of ‘crossfire’?

    So, someone can be deliberately killed in “crossfire”! The “crossfire” killings, understood to be a blatant violation of all human rights laws, have been termed by an MP an “instant action” when it comes to dealing with criminals.

  • Videographer Prashanth gunfight

    Prashanth’s Death In ‘Crossfire’: Family, BGB, police contradict each other

    Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and police are making contradictory claims over the videographer who was killed in a “gunfight” with BGB men in Cumilla on early Friday.

  • Home Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal

    Caught between 'crossfire' and 'self-defence'

    The greatest gift that a government can earn for itself is the trust of the general public. And the best way to do so is to be transparent on matters of grave public concern and come clean on any policy failures.

  • Home minister Asaduzzaman khan on Jail Killing Day 2018

    Defending the indefensible

    The minister for home would have us believe that the crossfire deaths that have occurred in the government's pursuit to combat the menace of drugs and narcotics are not due to crossfire but occurred when the law enforcing agencies fired in self-defence only, in pursuit of the drug dealers.

  • Bangladesh Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal

    Home boss defends deaths in crossfire

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan yesterday defended crossfire deaths saying the law enforcement agencies opened fire during the anti-narcotics drives only in self-defence.

  • 'Shootouts' need to stop

    Almost every day we find reports of “crossfire” or “shootouts” in newspapers. This newspaper reported on Monday that six alleged “drug dealers” and “robbers” were killed on the previous day.

  • Awami League leader Parvez Hossain

    Nine hours in captivity

    Moments before being released by his abductors, an Awami League leader was threatened with death in “crossfire” and forced to sign two sets of blank papers and stamp papers each.

  • Anti-Drug Campaign in Bangladesh

    Anti-Drug Raids: Three more killed in 'gunfights'

    Three more alleged drug peddlers were killed in “gunfights” in Rangpur, Thakurgaon and Dinajpur districts early yesterday amid the ongoing nationwide anti-narcotics drive.

  • At least 97 killed in 'crossfire' in 9 months: ASK

    At least 97 people were killed in what law enforcement agencies claimed were incidents of crossfire between them and armed gangs in the last nine months.

  • No safety in custody

    It is human nature to learn from past experiences. But when it comes to deaths in so-called crossfire, law enforcement agencies seem to have learned nothing of the sort. Rights activists say almost every time a detainee is taken out for a “raid”, he gets killed. So by now, law enforcers should know that they may “come under attack” by criminals, as they claim. Then why don't they protect the detainee?

  • 'Crossfire' deaths and enforced disappearances continue

    The latest report of the human rights watchdog Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is worrying. Apart from 68 people killed in “shootouts” and “crossfire” encounters with the police and other law enforcing agencies in the first six months of 2017, 44 persons were picked up, allegedly by people identifying themselves as members of the law enforcing agencies, according to ASK, during this period.

  • 68 killed in 6 months

    As many as 68 people have been killed in “crossfire” during encounter with law enforcement agencies in the first six months of this year, says Ain o Salish Kendra.

  • Man killed in Laxmipur district with so called gunfight

    ‘Robber’ killed in Laxmipur ‘gunfight’

    An alleged robber is killed in a “gunfight” with police in Raipur upazila of Laxmipur early today.

  • PM: Why Khaleda sheds tears for Fahim?

    PM Hasina lambasts her arch rival Khaleda Zia for what she says “shedding crocodile tears” for militant suspect Golam Faizullah Fahim who lost his life in an alleged crossfire a day after he was captured by locals during a murder attempt on a teacher in Madaripur. Khaleda's criticism proves that BNP-Jamaat has link to secret killings, the premier says.

  • Khaleda blames Hasina for Fahim’s death

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia blames Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the death of militant suspect Golam Faizullah Fahim in the name of “crossfire”.

  • Anti-militancy drive and crossfire….

    We should feel happy that the police have been able to round up 189 'listed militants'. It speaks of the very good intelligence of the intelligence agencies that they have been able to cull the names of the militants and their address too, but the question is why they had to wait for the special drive and not pick them up sooner. What one interested in now is how the police deal with the 'listed extremists'.

  • Power determines stance

    Ironically in our politics today, ideals, principles, beliefs or ethics do not determine what “stance” our leader will take. Rather, it is determined by power -- is the leader “in power” or “out of power” -- and that will determine the stance.

  • Crossfire is not the answer to militancy

    We cannot but express our total dismay at the rising number of deaths of suspects in police custody.

  • Crossfire to hide govt link with secret killings: Khaleda

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia alleges the law enforcers are getting people killed in the name of crossfire in an attempt to hide the fact that government is linked with secret killings.

  • ‘Robber’ killed in Brahmanbaria ‘gunfight’

    An alleged robber has been killed in a ‘gunfight’ between his cohorts and police at Shashai on the Dhaka-Shylhet highway.

  • Kushtia ‘outlaw’ killed in 'gunfight' with cops

    An outlaw has been killed in what police say gunfight in Kushtia Sadar upazila.

  • ‘Criminal’ killed in Gazipur ‘gunfight’ with Rab

    A suspected criminal is killed in a “gunfight” with Rapid Action Battalion in Tongi of Gazipur.

  • 'Criminal' killed in ‘gunfight’ with Dhaka Rab

    A youth is killed in what law enforcers said gunfight at Rupnagar in Dhaka’s Mirpur area.

  • 752 raped in 2015, says ASK

    A number of 752 women were raped and 94 others became victims of rape attempts in 2015, according to a report of Ain o Salish Kendra.

  • ‘Robber gang leader’ killed in Rajbari ‘gunfight’

    An alleged gang leader of a local robber group has been killed in what police described as gunfight in Goalondo Ghat upazila of Rajbari.

  • What about the other victims?

    At last there is acknowledgement from the government party members that innocent people do get killed in “crossfire”. One wishes it had come sooner.

  • Crossfire killings

    Of late, an influen-tial ruling party MP has registered his contempt for the latest rounds of extra-judicial killings by the RAB in Bangladesh.

  • Suranjit blasts govt for ‘crossfire’

    Awami League senior lawmaker Suranjit Sengupta strongly criticises the government for the recent “crossfire” incidents saying killing of people in the name of crossfire cannot take place in a civilised country.