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  • Attack on journalist on city polls day: accused remanded

    Sumon, a crime reporter at Agami News, was attacked while taking photos of a gathering of Awami League activists in Rayerbazar area on Dhaka city corporation election day.

  • Three city polls replicate the previous two

    While we are happy that the three city mayoral elections have come to an end with little violence, they were, as we had feared, simply the iteration of the Khulna and Gazipur polls. They bear nearly all the hallmarks—from ballot stuffing to expelling election agents—of a heavily manipulated election.

  • AL upbeat, BNP apprehensive

    Voting in Barisal, Sylhet and Rajshahi city corporations begins this morning with all the mayoral candidates except for the ones from the Awami League casting doubt about fair polls amid arrests and harassment of their supporters.

  • Last Day's Campaign: Outsiders flout rules in 3 cities

    Defying a ban on their stay in the city corporation areas going to polls tomorrow, outsiders campaigned for the Awami League's mayoral candidates in the three cities on the last day of electioneering yesterday.

  • EC warnings fall on deaf ears

    Ignoring warnings from the Election Commission, mayoral candidates in Monday's Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal city corporation elections continued to violate the electoral code of conducts with the electioneering ending this midnight.

  • BNP's Human Chain in Dhaka

    BNP voices concern over police role

    The BNP is now more worried about the role of police than about its archrival Awami League in Monday's three city corporation polls.

  • Shujan Logo

    More than half involved in business

    About two-thirds of the mayor and councillor candidates in Sylhet, Rajshahi and Barisal cities did not have taxable income in fiscal 2017-18, according to their tax return certificates submitted to the Election Commission.

  • City Polls 2018: BNP worried about its polling agents

    The BNP mayoral nominees are concerned that their agents may be driven out of the polling booths during the three city polls on Monday.

  • Arrest fear grips BNP ranks

    With the city polls in Sylhet, Rajshahi and Barisal only a week away, arrests of BNP leaders and activists remains a major concern for its mayoral candidates.

  • Anomalies aplenty

    Mayoral candidates and their supporters have been conducting campaigns in three cities flouting the electoral code of conduct, but the Election Commission is hardly taking any action to stop this.

  • Now battle for 3 more cities

    The Election Commission yesterday announced mayoral polls in Rajshahi, Barisal, and Sylhet city corporations on July 30, creating the ground for another round of battle of ballots in the runup to the parliamentary elections likely in December.

  • SC verdicts hold hope for polls

    Some previous verdicts of the Supreme Court about disputes over elections now offer the Election Commission strong legal grounds to have the stay orders on Gazipur and Dhaka north city mayoral polls vacated.

  • Injunction on Bangladesh national election schedule

    MPs likely to be allowed in city polls campaigns

    Following the ruling Awami League's request, the Election Commission is considering an amendment to the electoral

  • Winning and losing in city corporation elections

    The ultimate tragedy will strike if people become withdrawn. It will no longer matter who wins or loses any of the many elections.

  • Puppeteers go in different directions

    Overwhelmed by the vociferous postmortem of the city corporation polls, two footfalls on the cityscape have gone unnoticed, unappreciated, as though coming and going on stealth.

  • Writ seeks judicial probe into city polls ‘irregularities’

    Writ petition is filed with High Court seeking directives on Election Commission and government to form judicial inquiry commission for investigation into "irregularities" during city polls.

  • ‘UN chief told Hasina to find political way forward’

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called to find a political way forward between all the parties in Bangladesh during his conversation with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday.

  • The city polls charade

    The EC's tilt was no less pronounced on the eve of and on the day of the elections. Press reports, photographs and narratives of many involved in the election administration process have amply established its culpability in undermining fair election.

  • BNP demands fresh city polls

    BNP urges Election Commission to cancel Dhaka and Chittagong city corporation elections alleging massive irregularities and demands fresh polls.

  • Top US official stresses need for transparent probe

    Top US official Wendy Sherman stresses need for transparent probe into “allegations” of irregularities surrounding the recently concluded city polls.

  • BNP abandoning election midway

    BNP's decision to boycott the election halfway into the voting has surprised most observers.

  • The Mayoral race

    Yes We Con

    THE handsome, charismatic and successful young men join hands and smile for the perfect photo.

  • city polls snap

    Fulfill your pledges, people tell new mayors (video)

    Though not happy with the irregularities and vote rigging during the just held city corporation elections, commoners in Dhaka city want to see their city clean, free of traffic-jam and developed.

  • Unprecedented attack on journalists

    IT is disquieting to see that the media was conspicuously barred from properly covering the city polls.

  • Witnessing another ELECTION CHARADE

    STUFFING of ballot boxes whether in national or local elections is nothing new in Bangladesh.

  • See no evil, hear no evil…..

    IT is difficult to accept the comments of the CEC that the three city corporation elections were held in a fair and peaceful manner and that there were no threats or anomalies.

  • Police, Ansar clash in Dhaka

    A group of Bangladesh Ansar members, demanding their remuneration of yesterday’s city polls duty, blocked a major road in the capital this evening, leading to a clash with the police at Mirpur.

  • TIB terms city polls embarrassing

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) terms the Dhaka and Chittagong city corporation elections questionable and embarrassing in national and international level.

  • An election marred

    WHAT started off as a peaceful, tension-free day of voting, turned out to be a disappointment for the city dwellers of Dhaka and Chittagong.

  • Another 'election'?

    IN these very columns we had carried an article with a similar heading following the farcical January 5, 2013 elections. Regrettably, we have to say the same about yesterday's mayoral election that did not live upto our expectations.