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  • Popular protest: How effective is it?

    If there is one theme, beyond corruption and a host of economic and social grievances, that have driven protests—large and small, local, sectoral and national—across the globe, it has been a call for dignity.

  • To end poverty, we need peace and justice first

    Today we live in a world that is more divided than ever. It’s filled with hatred, double standards and hypocrisy, conflict, war, uncertainties and many other

  • Reasons behind Trudeau’s slim victory

    A second term in office awaits the incumbent Canadian prime minister, as the centre-left Liberal Party managed to secure enough parliamentary seats to ensure that a

  • Lebanese and Iraqi protesters transcend sectarianism

    Protests in Lebanon have evolved into more than a fight against failed and corrupt government that has long stymied development in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Many uses of Al Baghdadi: Why did they kill him?

    In these dark days when terrorism has become a strategic asset, to bump off a superior practitioner like Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has implications.

  • Vive la Canada! Three cheers for our northern neighbour

    it is fair to say that given the political mess, leading Anglophone countries are drawing a mixture of horror and derision from the rest of the world. Both are richly deserved. While you’re at it, throw into the mix a queasy, disquieting feeling about a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Islamists march on the Pakistani capital

    Pakistan, long viewed as an incubator of religious militancy, is gearing up for a battle over the future of the country’s notorious madrassas, religious seminaries accused of breeding radicalism.

  • Turkey and China tie themselves in knots over Syria and Xinjiang

    Turkey’s ambass-ador to China, Emin Onen, didn’t mince his words this week when he took his Chinese hosts to task for failing to support Turkey’s military campaign against a Kurdish militia in Syria.

  • Kashmir: The Desecrated Crown

    "Boys and girls can now talk to each other,” declared the governor of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) on October 14.

  • Turkey and the Kurds

    Turkey, like much of the Middle East, is discovering that what goes around comes around.