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  • Never back down: How local online businesses are recovering from Covid financial crises

    The pandemic has changed the world, or to a large extent, the business world. Covid-19 has devastated and decimated many businesses across different sectors and no one anticipated the economic downturn and the extra hurdle that Covid-19 created. The impact of Covid-19 has come as an exogenous shock to many business owners leaving their businesses in a precarious position.

  • Bangladesh Youth Symposium held at IUB

    Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE), a youth-led non- profit organisation, organises “Bangladesh Youth Symposium 2018” in association with “Independent HR Society (IHRS)” on the premises of Independent University in Dhaka.

  • 6 steps to get people to trust your e-commerce site

    You have a site or Facebook page for your business. You have great products. You also have a good amount of people that know about you. But no one is buying. Where lies the mystery? How do you turn those visitors into buyers?

  • Local health tech startup goes to the global round of Seedstars World this year

    Seedstars World, the global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes brought its Bangladesh round to a successful close last week for the third year in a row on October 23.

  • Quick start-up, quick money

    When we think of starting a business these days, our thought is subconsciously drawn towards the disruptive startups that have helped their owners earn millions while propelling them to celebrity status. But have you considered that it's possible to have a successful business that does not require groundbreaking VR technology, expert advertising skills, or expensive video equipment?

  • 6 questions to ask yourself to fail-proof your business idea

    Planning to kick-start a new venture? Then you must be considering your own set of factors to materialise your business plan. But if you are still on the fence and do not know whether your approach is solid and foolproof, here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge.

  • Musical Entrepreneur Tony M Fountain is inspired by his personal life to help growing artistes

    For American entrepreneur, producer, and the founder of Now Entertainment Magazine, Tony M. Fountain, music is not merely a means to earn a living, but it’s also a source of healing for the soul. Following a tumultuous childhood, emotionally stressful teenage years, and an even harder time finding his footing as a young adult, Fountain attests to keeping his wits about him by pouring out his heart in lyrics and tunes.

  • The Lamborghini Vision: CEO Jason Hennessey's Journey from Small Consultancy to Eight-figure Empire

    The Lamborghini Vision: CEO Jason Hennessey's Journey from Small Consultancy to Eight-figure Empire

    Most times, childhood aspirations have a way of infusing themselves into adult realities, and anyone would be lucky to recall those little visions and spot the connection.

  • From Ground Zero to Seven Figures: How Entrepreneur Hanson Cheng Is Redefining Business Scaling Systems

    From Ground Zero to Seven Figures: How Entrepreneur Hanson Cheng Is Redefining Business Scaling Systems

    As an entrepreneur, diving head-first into any industry or sector to simply "follow the pack" and continue the cycle is often the first step to failed expectations. There's no way to stand out if you're toeing the general, regular, and overstepped footprints, especially when the field is over-saturated with strong competitors.

  • The Unseen Side of Success-Why Are Failures an Underrated Part of the Entrepreneurial Journey

    The Unseen Side of Success: Why Are Failures an Underrated Part of the Entrepreneurial Journey?

    People only see the results and not the process, and this is why aspiring entrepreneurs are often knocked off balance when the going gets too tough. They admire successful “mentors” and “role models” without absorbing every step of their journey. These are realities that you can’t exactly sit in a classroom and learn in any business program. These programs may teach you to “fail-proof” your ventures in paper-practical ways, but in the real world, it’s a whole other version of an unpredictable game.

  • Covid-19 reshaping the fitness industry of Bangladesh

    The global lockdown resulted in the closure of all the fitness venues in the country, which caused a serious and profound impact on the industry. Fitness enthusiasts were forced to stay indoors trying to look for alternatives to keep their workout routine in check.

  • The Story Of Bobby Borisov And How His American Dream Came True

    The story of Bobby Borisov and how his American Dream came true

    Some people become entrepreneurs after years of planning and investing in their work, while others, like Bobby Borisov, had a natural talent to do so. Bobby Borisov grew up in Bulgaria, an East European country that was ravaged by an economic crisis at the time. To make money for a living, Borisov started working from a young age, and, as it turned out, he was doing entrepreneurial things without even knowing.

  • Young entrepreneur Jeremy Pastel is making waves- here’s why

    Young entrepreneur Jeremy Pastel is making waves- here’s why

    Young entrepreneur Jeremy Pastel is seen signing deals with Soccer Clubs for athletes while managing their image. Back home in Montreal, he owns several companies, one of whom is Voxsun, a telecom company that he founded himself and has been one of the main sources of his popularity and wealth.

  • Biz expert cites ways to effectively manage brand communications amid pandemic

    Biz expert cites ways to effectively manage brand communications amid pandemic

    As the world transitions to the so-called “new normal”, measures are put in place to ensure public safety as well as the rebooting of the economy. However, the disruption of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on social and professional lives has been enormous, with many businesses shaken and grounding their operations to a halt, letting go of workers, and scrambling to establish emergency contingency programs to deal with financial woes.

  • Brian Suder Having the Right Mindset to Make Money During COVID-19

    Brian Suder: Having the Right Mindset to Make Money During COVID-19

    It has been months since COVID-19 affected the world. As we are nearing the end of 2020, we are still reeling from its effects on the economy, medicine, and politics not just on our lives, but of almost every country in the world. Although Brian Suder is no stranger to such catastrophes. In the great recession, he came out on top and saved the homes of many people. Even years before the crisis, he was already a helping hand to people and homeowners with underwater mortgages and issues with their assets in real estate.

  • Student Nick Abraham Shows It’s Never Too Soon To Become An Entrepreneur

    In these uncertain times, many people are relying less on others for job security and taking matters into their own hands as the coronavirus outbreak disrupts our regular day to day programming. Take student Nick Abraham for example.

  • Michael Peres in Lynnwood, Washington.

    Michael Peres and ADHD: Propelling Success from Disability

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is oftentimes viewed as a serious condition that when left untreated, can lead to frustrations and further psychological problems throughout a person’s life. One successful entrepreneur, however, was able to defy the limits imposed by this disability and used the energy from ADHD to fuel a life’s purpose beneficial for him and others as well.

  • 10 cost-cutting hacks for small businesses

    Running your own business means far more freedom and prospective income than working for someone else.

  • SPRING Accelerator opens applications for mid-sized businesses to scale

    Spring, a global accelerator funded by DFID, USAID, Nike Foundation, and Australian Aid, is taking applications for mid-sized, growth-

  • GP Accelerator receives Batch 4 as Batch 3 departs

    Grameenphone Accelerator (GPA) held a combined event on August 10, 2017 at GP House for Batch 3's Demo Day in conjunction with the media launch for Batch 4.

  • Spark* Bangladesh Accelerator: An exciting opportunity for emerging social entrepreneurs

    Spark* Bangladesh is launching its fourth Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator programme.

  • The data-driven future is here

    Next Step speaks to Cramstack, a data company with its very own business intelligence and analytics platform, about the data revolution in Bangladesh.

  • How to deal with angry customers online

    The digital presence of organisations has undoubtedly been a boon to maintain customer relationships. However, it has been a curse at the same time.

  • Habits to-be entrepreneurs must nurture

    Not all can cut it as successful entrepreneurs. For some, it seems effortless while for others it calls for nurturing certain qualities.

  • ClimateLaunchpad 2017 kicks off in Bangladesh

    The world’s largest green business idea competition, ClimateLaunchpad, powered by Climate-KIC, the European Union's main climate innovation initiative, kicks off the fourth edition of its green global business idea competition for the first time in Bangladesh.


    Five reasons you should have a nine-to-five before taking the leap of faith.

  • First-ever National Demo Day

    The ICT Division of the government and BetterStories Ltd. are jointly organising the first-ever National Demo Day and Bangladesh Startup Awards.

  • Venture into your inner creative

    Here are the stories of three popular artistic ventures and how they came to be.

  • GP Accelerator Batch 3 startups begin their journey

    Grameenphone Accelerator (GPA) has unveiled the newest batch of startups beginning their four-month long acceleration journey on

  • StartUp Cup ‘17 kicks off

    StartUp Cup, the international business model competition, is back for the second year in Bangladesh. On March 6, the organisers