Streets of Dhaka, powered by Coca-Cola

Dhaka is fascinating; Dhaka is fun; Dhaka is kind. At times, Dhaka can be difficult too. No matter what, we love our city.

Why do we love Dhaka? Is it the food, the culture, or its people? Or is it the streets themselves? 

Every city has a story to tell. Dhaka’s epic story is divided into numerous chapters, spread across its numerous streets. The streets together, when combined, make up the story of Dhaka. From food to culture to people – the streets are pages from Dhaka’s narrative.

From dark and narrow alleys to the wide roads, every corner is soaked with stories; joys and  sorrows, comedies and tragedies.

So, to listen to Dhaka’s tales, one simply needs to roam about in the streets! And that’s exactly what we are doing. ‘Streets of Dhaka’ is a video and print series. Through the streets, we are going to try to paint a portrait of our beloved city. Join us in this jounrey.

Here's Dhaka story, like it has never been told before!



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