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  • The eternal juggle of work and family during pandemic

    “For a working mother to be able to successfully blend and balance work and family lives, the key ingredients are planning, planning, and planning.

  • Faithful to the Oath

    While so many of us are at home to ‘flatten the curve,’ or in other words, to reduce the spread of COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are fighting long, gruelling hours on the front lines.

  • Your little sous chef

    Cooking is a life skill everyone must learn. The only question is: at what point in life should that learning start? And the answer is: early! Why not introduce your children to the kitchen from right now?

  • Luxury in a tub: The ultimate summer indulgence!

    Sure, the world is a mess right now. Making sense of the strange, sad circumstances we currently live in is overwhelming. Add to that the stress of your work and household chores, and the hot and humid weather only adds fuel to fire.

  • An Extra Special Mother’s Day

    Mothers are the epitome of love. So, celebrating ‘them’ for a just a day seemed illogical, but then a friend explained: there is nothing wrong in making her feel extra special!

  • The spirit of Fajr

    “Prayer is better than sleep” — I listened to these melodious words of the muezzin booming out of the loudspeaker of a mosque, as I wearily made my way out of Nazira Bazaar. The culinary hub, even at that odd hour of the clock, swarmed with crowds last year; it is, after all, renowned for its sehri hangouts.

  • Divinely white: The age- old craft of shola

    Lord Shiva eventually came to the rescue. He threw a lock of his own hair into a pond, and from there sprung a plant — shola (generic name, Indian cork).

  • Lunch time mania

    Clink and clatter, corporate conversations, and meaningful meetings – this is the scenario you can expect to see if you ever walk into a restaurant during lunch time, specifically in a commercial area.

  • Babies in frames

    In today’s fast paced world, moments just seem to go by too quickly. Photographs and videos, for a long time, have acted as media to hold on to precious moments for years to come.

  • Writing: An endangered skill

    Are writing skills still so important in the digital age? You may have already guessed my answer, but I reiterate, “yes”!

  • Uber: The story behind the screen

    It’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t heard of Uber, considering, 22 percent of people in Dhaka has used the Uber app at least once, according to Uber. You can choose different types of rides, based on your need, from several available options. Their server monitors the whole ride so security, or unreasonable fares are never a concern.

  • Digital Detox: mission failed

    My life does not necessarily revolve around the internet. Like most people, I enjoy the occasional YouTube and Netflix.

  • The Cardigan: A comeback story

    As fashion evolves, people are turning more towards minimalism, comfort and sustainability; and cardigans check all those boxes.

  • fashion ante in winter

    Upping the fashion ante in winter

    Any seasoned Dhakaiite will admit, we await the arrival of this magical season with bated breath, through unbearable heat waves, dengue scares and ridiculous humidity.

  • Food philosophies Of Slow Food and the Mediterranean diet

    If you are a food connoisseur, you surely cherish and celebrate the immense diversity of cuisines around the world. Whether it’s Bangladesh or Italy, food is beautifully diverse and unique wherever you go, having been passed down through numerous generations and centuries.

  • Behind the scenes of Dan Cake Bangladesh

    The sheer volume of packaged snacks in the local market is mind boggling! And with that come the dregs of doubt; what exactly is being put inside these edibles, packed under eye-catching wrappings?

  • The Turban Traveller

    Sixty-year-old Amarjeet Singh Chawla (a.k.a. the Turban Traveller), is on a mission to travel across the globe by car — an epic road trip dedicated to Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism.

  • The great hostess, on a budget

    We all love to entertain. There are few things in life as delightful as having friends and family breaking bread together over light-hearted conversation. Bengalis are renowned foodies and our lives revolve around food, family, friends and fun.

  • The goons and villains of the comic world

    Growing up, we loved to read about superheroes in comics. Thanks to recent development in CGI, public demand, and studio investments, we’ve got live action movies of those heroes, and children, teenagers or adults enjoyed them together.

  • My herd and I

    He is as muscular and burly as those men depicted in S M Sultan’s paintings. And usually bare-chested that showed much of his rough, weather-beaten skin, the resemblance is uncanny. For Sattar, after all, also faces the same hardships Sultan’s men faced and lives the lifestyle of a common villager.

  • The Qurbani Eid tales

    Eid-ul-Azha is a unique time of the year. On one hand, of course, is the religious aspect of it, where we commemorate the sacrifice prophets Ibrahim and Ismael was ready to make – an epic of a father and his son.

  • Wind down at The Base Camp

    There isn’t much to do entertainment-wise in Dhaka, unless you plan ahead based on the next “incidental” three-day long weekend. The real struggle living in Dhaka is how to make the most of those small 24-hour breaks without succumbing to the circle of eating out or watching yet another movie on the big screen.

  • Setting up a treasure hunt for your children

    Have you ever heard your children saying, “I’m bored”? That’s what all parents are tired of hearing and it’s one of the trickiest problems to resolve. It’s way too easy to let your children lay down with an electronic device unattended, but we all

  • Art films

    From the definition provided at Art House (Definition), “Art house is a film genre which encompasses films where the content and style – often artistic or experimental – adhere with as little compromise as possible to the filmmakers’ personal artistic vision.”

  • My cricket, my rules!

    Living in a claustrophobically concrete jungle does not stop us from enjoying our favourite sport. Be it a patch of the alley, a garage, corridor, or even the rooftop, we make it our glorious cricket ‘field’.Our field has its own set of rules. These radical laws of street

  • Gentlemen do not plagiarise

    Fashion is not for the fainthearted — true! When one argues that trends are important, we do not disagree, but we prefer to equally reason that any man can be his own couturier — with practice, patience, and some thought.

  • Block printing – an artistic legacy

    Indeed, it has been many years since that time. The technique has well diffused into Eurasian countries, and has since then thrived in the textile industry of Bangladesh.

  • Reminiscing the ADDA

    Adda —the very word strikes a familiar chord, signifying that we spend some quality time with people close to us, sharing our heartfelt emotions with them.

  • Bring in Baishakh with boundless Bangalianaa!

    What is your earliest memory of Baishakh? Is it of soothing Tagore songs playing in the background, the sight of your mother adorned in her festive red and white Gorod sari...

  • Refugees across the World

    A home is one's sanctuary — somewhere where they can feel safe, loved, and secure. But when one is faced by the perils of invasion, imprisonment, rape, murder and/or mass persecution, there is no other way than escaping from the place they call home. And when they do so, they become what the world knows them as — refugees.