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  • A glass full of bliss

    This season also happens to bring one of those unfortunate bouts of lack of appetite. Gulping down soups or heavy broths just do not sit right for the stomach.

  • The Monsoon mixes

    Rain has a way of taking us on an overwhelming rollercoaster ride of emotions.

  • For the love of stationery hoarding

    It may be a digital age where, instead of paper, notes are taken on a scribble pad app on our smartphones, but a true stationery-nerd knows to keep a pen and notepad in their bags.

  • Comfort food for lazy days

    With everyday being a lazy day, we all need closure. Watching movies and reading books all day can become tedious, but a heart-warming snack to go with it can make a pleasant difference. Comfort food can take one’s mood from bored and frustrated to relaxed and at ease.

  • Adopt an artisan and save our heritage

    Sobita Modi, a woman in her early fifties, had to take charge of her life with no aid from anyone else. Having to raise her children all by herself and ensure a proper education for all of them, she had to work relentlessly, weaving cane mats (shitol pati) and selling them to merchants at the district bazaar in Munshiganj.

  • Panjabi with a twist

    The panjabi — a timeless and traditional attire for any occasion, is an embodiment of the Bengali culture. Just as the sari is close to any woman’s heart, the panjabi bears the same essence for men.

  • Makeup Mantra

    Drama in her eyes Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder;

  • Anchored in heritage: A reincarnation of long-lost boats

    Given that Bangladesh is a riverine country, it comes as no surprise that boats of various shapes, sizes, and forms had been crafted — to use and commute its many rivers and canals, and to cater to the diverse needs and purposes of those aboard, be it recreational or functional.

  • The weekend eve vibes

    The weekend has always been a modern day “Sabbath” for many of us. It is certainly a time of rest, of contemplation, and above all, a time of random spontaneity when it comes to course of action.

  • Measles-Rubella Campaign 2020

    Throughout the ages, humankind has faced the threat of multiple viruses and diseases. Mothers, the primary caregivers of their children, have always been more aware and conscious of their children’s surroundings and about the measures required to shield them from any disease.

  • PMS: Polish Me Splendid

    I am a nail biter. Not a habit I am proud of, to be honest. It is also a dirty one, truth be told, but regardless, it’s a habit. Fortunately, I did somehow manage to stop. And I did a wonderful job at it.

  • Wearable winter couture

    Once through the collection, they are most likely to find faux furs and foreign shawls — clothes that would seem only repetitive today and prove no valid point, much less make any worthy statements.

  • Experiencing Desar

    For the perfect outfit to reflect one’s inner queen, and undoubtedly leave a long-lasting impression on anyone’s mind

  • The evergreen locks

    Some hairstyles come and go, while others remain a classic. Celebrities are mostly behind the timeless popularity behind each. In fact, it’s sensational how these hairstyles have withstood the test of time, and are continuing to do so in this modern age of fluctuating fashion.

  • The evergreen locks

    Some hairstyles come and go, while others remain a classic. Celebrities are mostly behind the timeless popularity behind each. In fact, it’s sensational how these hairstyles have withstood the test of time, and are continuing to do so in this modern age of fluctuating fashion.

  • Bookworm Paradise

    For avid readers, finding the perfect place to get lost in a book without any distraction is difficult these days.

  • We like big belts and we cannot lie

    Sometimes a single buckle just does not cut it. At times like these just bring out two. Coming out symmetrically from both ends to create a bigger centre buckle, these look great when paired with casuals, and is an easy way to step up your denim game.

  • My mother’s jewellery

    As far as I can recall my mother’s image from the past, I remember her wearing an emerald pendant. The locket, shiny, bright and hanging from a rose gold chain, was an integral part of her profile, as is even today.

  • The season of dazzling shoes

    ‘Tis the wedding season and we are all thankful for it. This means a whole lot of merriment, dressing up, and attending gorgeous parties.

  • A house worth seeing

    Have you ever wanted to take a few days off, away from all the traffic, stress, and worries? To be honest, it is something we all want, but the sad truth is that there are very limited chances of such an escape in Bangladesh

  • Samuel Hoque: Breathing innovative fashion

    Most of the London based designer’s styles are a unique blend of minimal and peculiar prints, playing around with fabrics, and giving his designs unprecedented dimensions.

  • The Satranji Project

    When we think of satranji, most of us usually think of just rugs and mats — and perhaps, table runners. That’s about it. But should that really be the case?

  • Quick Salads

    I liked that department. It provided me with a lot of joy and comfort.

  • Open Mics - The Echoes of the Unheard

    The most undeniably potent antidote to the human condition is art, the singular expression to counteract venomous mundanities with all that is wonderful.

  • My favourite coffee stories!

    I sit and unwind with friends once in a while. Yes! I do that, even after the hectic schedule that bogs me down on a regular basis.

  • Spectacular, you say?

    If you are not blessed with 20/20 vision, and if lenses or surgery — no matter how trivial, is one that you shall avoid till you breathe your last, then you are left with no choice but to rely on your glasses as your ‘vision partner.’

  • Understated elegance— Chondon Jewellery Exhibition

    As Star Lifestyle enters into the last quarter of the year, running strong on promoting all things local; #deshialways, Chondon marks its 10-year celebration of its jewellery line with an exhibition, held from 19-21 September, at their very own showroom.

  • NeoFarmers Delivering the next generation of natural products

    Everyday essentials are faced with challenges like never before – food and daily use products are filled with harmful chemicals and compounds which should not come in contact with the human body.

  • Imagine This!

    In today’s society, everyone around us, adults and children, are busy maintaining their hectic routines with barely any time to breathe or unwind. Being all too worried about results, we tend to forget to invest time in ourselves and to allow our children to become their own people.

  • The shape shift

    Take your basic hoops to the next level. Welcome some atypical styles within the hoop-range to your collection. An example of such is this pair where the hoops are in a loop, giving it a fashionable new twist. Incorporate this stunning pair to a simple outfit and watch your look transform right before your