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  • Covid-19 testing must be ramped up immediately

    According to a report published by The Daily Star yesterday, Bangladesh ranks lowest among the South Asian countries in terms of Covid-19 testing, with only 30 tests per 1,000 people.

  • Saving the ultra-poor during lockdown is vital

    As economic pain from the coronavirus fall-out continues to bite the country, it’s the poor and ultra-poor who stand to suffer the most. This was as true during the first nationwide lockdown (or “general holiday”) last year as it is on the eve of the second,

  • A freedom fighter deprived of his dues

    It seems that the case of mistaken identity has become endemic with us. We have heard of people suffering in jail because of it, we have heard of people released from it because of it and now we have a genuine freedom fighter being deprived of his allowances because of it.

  • Police accused of colluding with AL leader in local trader’s death

    The recent discovery of the body of 45-year-old trader Hasan Ali by Gaibandha police, found hanging in a toilet of ruling party leader Masud

  • Nationwide lockdown has to be enforced rigorously

    We welcome the government’s latest decision to impose a week-long strict lockdown to curb the rapid transmission of the Covid-19 virus, starting from April 14.

  • Arrest Symbol

    Police arrests four Rab members for abduction, torture

    Police arrested four Rab members and a civilian woman on Friday in the capital’s Hatirjheel on the charges of abducting, torturing, and demanding ransom from one Tamzid Hossain.

  • Frontline health workers should be paid urgently

    Right after the coronavirus pandemic started, many healthcare professionals, mostly from public hospitals, started to live at different hotels to protect their families from possible Covid-19 infections.

  • Poor people ravaged by pandemic fallout

    There has never been any doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic would reinforce economic inequalities in the country as the poor, marginalised groups would be disproportionately affected.

  • Set up more ICU beds urgently

    As the Covid-19 situation in the country worsens every day, it seems one thing that has a high supply deficiency is also the thing which is most desperately needed: an ICU bed.

  • A farce of a lockdown

    The ongoing restrictions to contain the surge of Covid-19 infections seem to be failing badly. According to a report by this daily on Thursday, people are still coming out in large numbers to buy commodities from shops or to have refreshments at tea stalls in their neighbourhoods.

  • Mugda hospital dogged by understaffing, resources shortage

    It is a cause of great concern that in the midst of the second wave of Covid-19 in Bangladesh, one of the healthcare institutions that has stood out in providing services throughout the pandemic, the Mugda General Hospital, is understaffed and also suffering from a lack of necessary resources.

  • Acute water crisis in Barind region

    According to a report in this daily yesterday, people in the Barind region of the country are facing an acute shortages of water, including drinking water, due to depleting groundwater levels.

  • Two child patients per bed!

    A stream of child patients with typhoid and cold-related diseases, including pneumonia, has been causing serious overcrowding at the paediatric ward of the Patuakhali General Hospital for the last one month.

  • Government’s decision to increase the number of ICU beds

    It should come as good news that the government has decided to double the number of ICU beds in Dhaka to cope with the surge of Covid-19 patients.

  • coronavirus covid-19

    Do we have the scientific data to fight the pandemic?

    We know how deadly Covid-19 infections can be, especially now with the second wave of the pandemic and a record number of daily death counts and infection rates.

  • Another deadly capsize, another avoidable tragedy

    We are shocked by the news of yet another launch capsize that took place in the Shitalakkhya river in Narayanganj late Sunday.

  • Jatiya Sangsad

    A proposed law that may save the coastal ecosystem

    It is encouraging that the state minister for shipping has placed “The Mongla Port Authority Bill-2021” in the parliament, which in turn has been

  • The marginalised would need relief during lockdown

    It was only a matter of time before the country went into a lockdown, once again. The question is why did it not come sooner, given the sharp increase

  • Govt wants to produce AstraZeneca vaccine locally

    The government’s recent request to British-Swedish pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, to authorise the production of its Covid-19 vaccine in Bangladesh,

  • Faridpur map

    Faridpur criminal duo mere tip of the iceberg

    Further details have emerged of the operations of the notorious Faridpur criminal duo and their associates and patrons which, once again, put into sharp relief the enduring connection between politics and crimes in Bangladesh.

  • Covid-19

    Partial lockdown can’t be the only solution to Covid-19 surge

    According to a report in this daily on Thursday, the National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) on Covid-19 has recommended “partial or modified” lockdown of “high-risk” areas in Bangladesh.

  • Give fresh relief to the poor

    It has been a year since the Covid-19 pandemic began and instead of letting up, the situation has been getting worse recently.

  • Fully-fledged hospital sitting idle for 19 years

    It is deeply disconcerting that the Indurkani Upazila Health Complex in Pirojpur, which was established in 2002, has not provided any indoor services to patients since its founding 19 years ago, despite being equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities.

  • Commuters suffer big time due to transport shortage

    People living in Dhaka, especially the office-goers, suffered immensely on Wednesday due to a lack of public transport as the government’s directive to keep half the seats in buses vacant came into effect.

  • Violence in Myanmar continues to escalate

    THE situation in Myanmar has only gone from bad to worse since the military seized power after refusing to accept the results of the country’s national elections in February.

  • Lack of resources and awareness amidst Covid-19 surge

    Whether the newer strains of the coronavirus are responsible for the recent spike in the number of infections in Bangladesh is still being debated.

  • Where did appeasing Hefajat get us?

    Even though the Hefajat-e-Islam used the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their recent onslaught across the country,

  • Covid-19

    Government’s fresh directives on Covid-19

    In the face of exponentially higher daily coronavirus infection rates, the government on Monday issued a gazette notification containing 18 new directives aiming to combat this spike.

  • Sharp rise in Covid-19 cases

    The fact that the rate of new Covid-19 cases has increased by 85 percent and the deaths by 42.5 percent in the last week highlight that this deadly infectious disease is on a fast moving upward trajectory again.

  • Myanmar’s ‘Day of Shame’

    In a recent brutal crackdown on unarmed, civilian protestors, on March 27—also the country’s Armed Forces Day—the Myanmar military junta killed 114 people, including many children.