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  • 6 tips for Organic Instagram Promotion

    6 tips for Organic Instagram Promotion

    There are many free methods of promotion in Instagram, a popular and powerful platform among worldwide social networks, making it convenient for anyone to grow their businesses through Instagram promotions.

  • Prevent Google from saving smartphone's location

    Turning off the Location History feature on your Android smartphone will not prevent Google from knowing where you go and when.

  • To buy or not to buy an iPhone X…. now

    Rumours have it, Apple is going unveil three smartphones and some other devices this September as part of its annual roundup of new

  • Browser extension: Things you need to know to protect yourself

    Some of us don't even know what a browser extension is? Simply put, a browser extension is a sort of like a plug-in for your browser

  • Time to let go off your precious passwords

    In an era of a constant threat of hacking and social engineering, most of us are required to change the password of our email and social media accounts. And if you are anything like me, coming up with a unique password that hasn't been used before, but has one number, one alpha-numeric, one small letter and one capital letter is really irritating. Often, I forget which password is for what and have to reset my password again. If you are anything like me, this is surely a nuisance that you want to get rid of permanently. Probably, it's time to turn to a Password Manager!

  • Email tracking: How to protect yourself

    Email tracking: How to protect yourself

  • Stop mining for hackers… NOW

    Over the past six months, cybercriminals have raked in more than $7 million through injecting crypto-miners. Here we explain how

  • How to portrait like a pro

    More smartphones are focusing on creating prettier, fancier Instagrammy portrait effects because we love ourselves. 'Dual lenses' are the factory in-thing for just that effect. Here are tips to make your portraits come out better.

  • 2017 Buying Guide: Mirrorless Cameras

    Mirrorless cameras are becoming the next big thing in photography. Here's what they are and the best you can buy in a budget.

  • How to recover deleted files

    How to recover deleted files from your PC

    Let's have a look at the ways of recovering your permanently deleted files from your PC.

  • Keep your cool

    3 important tips to keep your refrigerator running perfectly.

  • Bytes Top 5 Headphones

    Really, really great headphones you can buy for any budget

  • Graphics card buyer's guide

    Best graphics card and power supply combo to get in early 2017

  • Take the perfect Eid selfies

    Selfies are a love-hate relationship. You love to take them but hate how it makes you look not-quite-right all the time. With Eid coming around the corner, you will take lot of photos to cherish the fun times with friends, family and the occasional runaway cow you may or may not have helped capture. Here's how you can take the best selfies.

  • Digital Fraud: Tips to tackle

    EID is right around the corner and everyone has their shopping gears on. To make your EID shopping experience

  • How to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Windows PC

    Here is a guide on how you install Android 6.0 Marshmallow onto your Windows PC and run it just like you’d run it on a phone or tablet,

  • 20 Google search tricks you should know

    Google search became as popular as it is now due in large part to its simplicity, and the service remains wonderfully simple to this day.

  • How to hide unwanted Apple apps on iPhone

    Apps like Compass, Tips, and the Watch app all come pre-installed on your iPhone with no way to delete them, but now here there is a clever way to hide them.

  • 14 things you didn't know about your iPhone headphones

    iPhone headphones surpass their initial purpose and can do much more than you can imagine

  • How smartphone light affects your health

    Checking your phone at night and before going to sleep seems like a normal habitual act, but it is some harmful than you think.

  • Web Review: Facebook to solve your desperate needs

    The Facebook group, Desperately Seeking- Dhaka, is an interesting initiative by social media activists to engage a vast number of Facebook users under one banner to share their problems, queries and needs, and there is always someone with an answer to them, no matter how queer your needs are and how difficult the solution is!

  • How easy is it for hackers to steal your face?

    Cybercriminals hunt for data of all kinds: personal details, photos, videos and even ways that users interact with others; this data is often stolen from social networks. Stolen data is often posted elsewhere online to be sold to other criminals looking to make a profit.

  • Five must-try cooking channels

    Whether you're a sous chef extraordinaire in the making or a klutz in the kitchen with two left hands, if you're looking for ideas for your next big fancy dress dinner party or just want to impress your loved ones, check out these five exciting cooking channels.

  • Five ways to protect your private photos: Part 2

    Remember last year's well-publicized leak, which exposed some celebrities' nude photos? The story not only made some individuals' day

  • Lose your phone, not your data

    If you are one of those unfortunate who has gotten mugged, I sympathise. Losing your phone, especially today when we practically live on it, can be difficult. But more important and valuable than your phone is the massive amount of personal data, pictures and files that is not at the hands of someone else. While there are steps you should take the soonest your phone has been lost to you, there are a few steps before hand that gives an extra layer of security which could make all the difference.

  • Stay safe online

    Here are a few internet security and privacy basics to save you from the hassle of having your information or account stolen.

  • Five ways to protect your private photos: Part 1

    Remember last year's well-publicized leak, which exposed some celebrities' nude photos? The story not only made some individuals' day (and probably night), it turned to be a very educating precedent. For instance, it made many people realize that their pet's name is not the safest password, and two-factor authentication is not meant exclusively for IT geeks, but for any Swarovski-adorned iPhone owner as well. However, 2FA in iCloud, as well as in Gmail, Facebook and many other web services, is optional. Thus the consequences can be devastating, especially if your work at an Internet company. Here's part 1:

  • How to pick the perfect password

    Hackers manages to decode more than 11 million encrypted passwords stolen from the Ashley Madison website, shining fresh light on the importance of password security.

  • Tips on confronting a cyberbully

    The Internet can be used as a terrifyingly efficient medium for cyberbullying. It is also very easy to get stuck in an endless circle of hurt from these kinds of attacks.

  • How to keep your iPhone memory uncluttered

    Decreasing memory is a major problem for most iPhone users. Generally they are stuck with whatever internal storage their device