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  • Zahid Hussain

  • Budgeting to make a difference

    While the pandemic waves on, the budget should focus on crisis management, prioritising spending on health, targeting fiscal support to distressed families and enterprises, restoring the functionality of education, and building on the resilience demonstrated by agriculture while keeping an eye on revenues. A business-as-usual budget like last year will miss the boat again.
  • Pursuing new approaches to deliver quality education is key

    In-person schooling in Bangladesh has remained shut since March 2020. Children have already lost a full year, equivalent to 0.6 learning-adjusted years of schooling based on the learning gap implied by the World Bank (WB) in its Human Capital Index (2020) for Bangladesh.
  • Activities back, incomes not

    We are going through an unprecedented time, which is economically troublesome.
  • Expectations From 2021: Vaccination, education and sustained economic recovery

    The new year always carries the legacy of the year gone by. Expectations for the new year are naturally conditioned by these legacies. This is true every year. But 2021 is starting from an exceptional footing. Preceded by a prolonged 10 months of unprecedented trauma and fear all the world over, 2021 inherits the legacies of a year that will go down in history as the most cursed in last hundred years.
  • Next budget would be an immense balancing act

    Next fiscal is likely to be one of the most challenging years from a fiscal management perspective, among others.