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  • Shams Rashid Tonmoy

  • Niyotir Lekha

    The story begins with Abir coming back to Bangladesh only to reconnect with his long-lost love Jisha and confess his feelings to her. He feels that “the writing of fate” had wrongly changed for the worse during their earlier years, for Jisha chose to marry someone else instead of him many years ago. Jisha argues that despite being a widow in the present time, she has her responsibility as a mother and can't
  • Priyanka Chopra's visit to Bangladesh

    While Bangladesh had its fair share of international celebrities gracing us with their presence over the years, the recent visit of Priyanka Chopra had the whole country talking; and for good reasons too. For the humanitarian purpose of raising awareness regarding the ever-growing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and surrounding countries, Priyanka Chopra came to Teknaf, Cox's Bazar last week on a 4-day trip. Landing at

    Parenthood is perhaps the most crucial role an individual can perform in their lifetime, sometimes even before the birth of the child. ‘Tobuoto Maa’ is a rather unique approach to the well-established notion of the struggles and emotions involving motherhood, utilizing a concept that is almost never touched upon in the realms of fiction: child poaching. The central characters of this drama, namely Saleha (played by Moushumi Hamid) and her husband (Shatabdi Wadud), are child-poachers who steal newborn babies from hospitals and sell them off for a living.
  • Ochena Dana

    Everyone dreams of their happily-ever-after scenarios. Fall in love, get married, live the rest of the life with utmost bliss. However, reality doesn't always condone to such a grandiose idea; especially when you're least expecting tragedy. This is the premise of Ochena Dana, where Nitu (Sabnam Faria) elopes with her boyfriend Rasel (Anisur Rahman Milon) so that she doesn't have to undergo a marriage arranged
  • Ratri Diprohor

    Othoi (Aparna Ghosh) is a foreign university student who has just returned to Bangladesh, intending to surprise her family and boyfriend with a sudden visit. Her plans are thwarted when she is randomly left behind by a taxi-driver near the Banani highway in the middle of the night, leaving her no way to get home by herself. As she waits for her boyfriend to come pick her up, her only option is to wait in the scary