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  • 'People expect a lot from the army'

    Former Election Commissioner Brigadier General (Retd) M Sakhawat Hossain talks to Shakhawat Liton of The Daily Star about the deployment of army personnel and the role they are expected to play during the election.
  • 'Space for election monitoring is shrinking'

    Sharmeen Murshid, Chief Executive Officer of the election observation group “Brotee”, talks to Shakhawat Liton of The Daily Star about the importance of election monitoring and recent developments ahead of the election.
  • No black laws, no revenge

    The BNP, if voted to power, will bring sweeping reforms to strengthen democracy, make parliament effective, establish the rule of law and ensure independence of the judiciary, according to its manifesto for the December 30 polls.
  • View our mistakes with kindness

    The Awami League will expedite institutionalising democracy and strengthen the National Human Rights Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the mass media and the judiciary if voted to power for a third straight time.
  • Election Manifesto: Oikyafront pledges truth commission

    The Jatiya Oikyafront, if voted to power, will form an all-party truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and false cases of the last 10 years.