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  • Sazzadul Hassan

  • An unprecedented crisis in shipping

    Off late shipping costs have gone through the roof, making life miserable for the businesses. The freight rate for a 40-foot container to European base ports from Chattogram has reached to $5,000 level.
  • Alternative meat -- transforming the food industry in a big way

    Meat is surely one of the most preferred foods for human beings. As history suggests, mankind started eating meat around 3.4 million years ago.
  • Vaccine for all: key to reviving the world economy

    The human civilisation hasn’t experienced such a grievous catastrophe in the last 100 years. Both lives and livelihoods are dreadfully impacted due to the pandemic caused by the deadly coronavirus. This is the worst-ever global economic recession in decades, according to the World Bank.
  • China’s return to normalcy: a lesson for others

    China is indeed a surprise package! The country, from which the deadly coronavirus originates, seems to have recovered well as not only has it successfully contained the virus, but is also slowly showing signs of a return to normalcy as far as the economy is concerned.
  • Collective efforts key to fighting pandemic

    The deadly coronavirus has started to take an outrageous toll. More than nine-and-a-half million people across the globe have been infected while nearly half-a-million people unfortunately lost their lives to the disease.