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  • Sarah Anjum Bari

    Sarah Anjum Bari is Editor of Daily Star Books. Reach her at and @wordsinteal on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Colm Tóibín takes Henry James for a ride

    In a detour from all the genres and topics that we review on this page, this monthly column on short stories is a little treat to ourselves—a short and delicious reminder of what the simple act of storytelling can accomplish.
  • Today we are 1

    It was during the peak of the coronavirus crisis, amidst the punishing heat of June, that we geared up to launch Daily Star Books on this very day in 2020.
  • Friends Reunion: 17 years later, still beautiful and imperfect

    Nostalgia, yes, but also a degree of ambivalence.
  • 'Murder at the Mushaira': A poet, a murder mystery, and a vivid portrait of 1857 India

    In 1857, a wave of uprisings sparked through India in a bid to overthrow the British rulers. The Sepoy Mutiny was the first time Indian soldiers rose against the British East India Company in the face of corruption and unjust social reforms—including ruthless land taxes that unfairly penalised the working class.
  • Life and literature in footnotes

    “Kichudin jabot Dhakay cholchhe prochur gorom, abar eki shathe shaolar gondho chorano brishti hochhe.” The incessant heat and rainfall, the month of May, the lull of Eid holidays and the call of books, films, and music are just some of the elements that make Apurba Jahangir’s Footnotes (Subarna, 2021) a fitting read for this time of the year.