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    Porimol Palma

  • Does the G-7 summit outcome mean anything for Bangladesh?

    Coming out of Trump’s “America First” policy, US President Joe Biden is robustly engaging his allies in his global vision. After the virtual Leaders’ Summit on Climate in April, three months after taking office, he joined the G-7 summit in Cornwall, UK on June 11-13.
  • Myanmar on Cusp of A Civil War: Another refugee influx on horizon?

    With a civil war brewing in Myanmar, Bangladesh has much to worry about, as the face-off between the junta and the National Unity Government and its allies could result in a refugee influx once again, according to security and international relations analysists.
  • Rohingya Citizenship: Myanmar’s NUG to draft new charter to ensure it

    In a significant development, Myanmar’s National Unity Government has announced drafting a new constitution and committed to ensuring citizenship and fundamental rights of all ethnic groups, including the Rohingyas.
  • Little done for SMEs, job loss

    The budget has not proposed any direct cash support to revive the cottage, micro, small and medium enterprises (CMSMEs) sector, where millions of workers lost jobs, though the government proposed some short tax-relief measures.
  • KSA-Bound Workers: Govt steps in to ease their plight

    After at least 1,000 migrants missed their flights to Saudi Arabia failing to book or pay for their mandatory quarantine in hotels, Bangladesh yesterday decided to help KSA-bound migrants with hotel bookings and subsidy.