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  • Muhammad Nurul Huda

    The writer is a columnist of The Daily Star.

  • What Ails Democracy?

    There is a well-grounded belief that irrespective of the state of socio-economic progress, democracy as a form of government has not been able to take firm root in many societies.
  • The Mountbatten factor in India’s partition

    It can be said without any fear of contradiction that one of history’s most massive displacements of population with the attendant violence and misery took place when,
  • The case against SP Babul Akter

    The complainant is now complained against.
  • A tribute to the nation’s architect

    March 17 shall forever remain a memorable day in the annuls of Bangladesh’s political history, as well as in the hearts of millions of Bengalis as, on this day, the supreme leader and the progenitor of sovereign Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (fondly called Bangabandhu by his people), was born.
  • The speech that galvanised a nation

    The significance of the historic March 7 speech of Bangabandhu lies in the fact that it was extempore—that is, without any prior preparation—but which in effect prepared an entire population for an epic struggle leading to its emancipation from the shackles of a brutal, obstinate and autocratic establishment.