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  • Water logging

    A city drowned by faulty planning

    On the morning of June 12, after just 63mm of rain, the vast areas in the city stretching from Mirpur to Gulistan to Motijheel to Hatkhola to Shantinogor to Rampura, on one side, and from Lalbagh to Karwan Bazaar to Farmgate and Tejgaon, on the other side, went under knee–deep water.
  • Commuting woes

    The main reason for road congestion, other than the huge number of rickshaws in most roads, is the number of motorised vehicles - about 7.5 lakhs - plying on the road.
  • Tearing up our soul

    In the present scenario, the law puts the burden of proving the guilt on the prosecution. Unfortunately, this well recognised principle of preventing the misuse of power leads to investigators being bribed, witnesses suborned and material facts altered.
  • Tragedy on the high seas

    It is undeniably true that the unstable political situation in the country, closure of once vibrant industries like jute, textile, steel, aluminum and glass...
  • Brutal crimes shake society again

    The country had become a “soft” state revealing itself to be completely incapable of fighting the forces of violence and terror. True, the patronage of criminals by politicians in the past and a demoralised police force pushed up the crime graph in the country.