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  • Make school calendar child and learning friendly

    Is there a good reason why the school year should begin in the first month of the Christian calendar other than that this is how it was done in the colonial era? In India, school calendar is a state (provincial) matter, but the year mostly begins in June.
  • US elections: Toxic populism challenges democracy

    Mark Twain reputedly said that God created wars to teach Americans geography. It can be said that God put Donald Trump in the White House to teach America how to protect democracy.
  • World Teachers’ Day: Time to rethink teaching to salvage our education

    Does Bangladesh education need salvaging? The official narrative is equivocal. Most young children are in primary school. The system has expanded to comprise 40 million students, over 200,000 institutions, and over a million teachers. Girls and boys are equally enrolled in schools, a feat not achieved by many developing countries. We do need to work more on improving quality. So why is the despair?
  • How ready are we to reopen schools?

    The end of the pandemic is not quite in sight. Schools have remained closed for a full six months now since March 17.
  • A quick and right exam decision

    The decision to recommend by concerned ministries to the government to scrap primary level PEC and junior secondary level JSC exams as reported in the press is welcome news (Daily Star, August 12, 2020).