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  • Analysing the Judgment of Competition Commission on collusion for monopoly

    The Competition Commission (CC), Bangladesh in a suo moto rule warned Viqarunnisa Noon school (VNS) authorities and imposed a financial penalty of Tk 79,897 on Chowdhury Enterprise for a contract to supply uniforms to students of VNS by violating section 15 (1) of Competition Act 2012. This clause prohibits the collusion for purchase, sell, and bid manipulation etc.
  • The implications of India’s new Customs Rules for Bangladesh and others

    The Indian Finance Act, 2020 incorporated many changes in the customs law and procedures, including administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements.
  • The need for a comprehensive definition of rape

    Bangladesh follows a 150-year-old definition of rape given in the Penal Code, 1860, which happens to be a colonial holdover.
  • Vaccination is health right not a privilege

    Bangladesh’s Globe Biotech is the only company, globally, to be listed with three vaccine candidates – DNA plasmid vaccine, Adenovirus Type 5 Vector and D614G variant LNP-encapsulated mRNA and other companies have one or two varieties.
  • Human rights during pandemic

    Health is a human right and not a privilege. Human rights are fundamentally linked to global health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 continues to grow at a rapid pace worldwide.