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  • A guide to shopping in Doza

    If you are one of those people who always keep wondering how girls in Dhaka always manage to somewhat keep up with the haute couture despite always complaining about being broke, then you have not been paying enough attention.
  • When you’re not that into make-up

    There was once a time when makeup within our geography only meant the face would be plastered with a foundation ten times lighter than the actual skin colour and the eyes would be made to look no less dramatic than Sauron's ablaze eyeballs. But now the times they are a changin'.
  • Urban Dictionary - Dhaka Edition

    Badbuzz (can also be substituted by pera): A feeling that demolishes all your happy vibes and kills all the “feel good” hormones in your body. You might wake up a content person, cherishing the rainbows and butterflies with a spring in your step, when suddenly something or someone evokes this “badbuzz” in you and all your vibrations for the rest of the day will be out of tune.
  • What's it like to have a common name

    Being someone born with an inherent identity crisis, whenever I come across my namesake, my first instinct is usually to prove to them that I am the alpha and establish superiority because I tend to get highly
  • beauty parlour

    Tips for your first time at a beauty parlour

    Beauty parlours are the zones of mystery and enigma to many, given its power of before-after transformation effects within a couple of hours. The first visit to a beauty salon is always memorable.