FARAH MASUD | The Daily Star

  • Thoughts of a Hilsha

    You know they're coming for you. By now, they've taken most of your siblings. Last time, you managed to slip out somehow. It was pure luck, really. But the big day is getting closer and they are desperate. They need to round up as many of you as they can.
  • Hide and Seek

    I was playing with my friends when some boys from the other side of the village came and started hitting us with bamboo sticks. They were hurling swear words and telling us repeatedly that we needed to get hell out of here.
  • A melancholic, yet soothing read

    Through her poetry anthology 'Elegiac Songs', Eeshita Azad does a wonderful job at describing the several stages of love, loss, joy and grief. The elegies reflect the contemporary style of her writing. The emotions conveyed in her poems are raw and presented without any sugar-coating. The book starts with a brilliant opening piece that grips the readers from the get-go.
  • Caricature

    Caricature boys
  • A book outside the ordinary

    Haunting yet heart-warming with a hint of dark humour – it is a tale of two young boys and their father dealing with the loss of their mother. Needless to say, it is about grief in all its ugliness and melancholic beauty.