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  • Badiul Alam Majumdar

    The writer is Secretary of SHUJAN: Citizens for Good Governance.

  • Budget ignores the interests of the common people

    My former classmate, now the finance minister, presented in the Parliament the budget for the year (also the golden anniversary of our independence), and I congratulate him for this honour.
  • Why are NID services being transferred from the Election Commission?

    On May 24, the Cabinet Division wrote to the Secretaries of Security Division of the Home Ministry and the Election Commission (EC) to amend the National Identity Registration Act (Jatiyo Parichoypotro Nibondon Ain), 2010 and transfer the personnel and infrastructure used for providing NID services, which includes 594 server-stations, to the Security Division.
  • How do we break the chain of coronavirus infection?

    Despite the claims made a few months ago that Bangladesh has successfully—more successfully than many western countries—beat back the coronavirus,
  • ‘Coronavirus Resilient Villages’

    Bangladesh was unable to put in quarantine 213 students who came from the Chinese city of Wuhan—where the coronavirus originated—in early February and the subsequent influx of hundreds of thousands of people from countries like Italy where the virus was causing havoc.
  • Why Kerala has succeeded in controlling coronavirus

    A recent headline in Prothom Alo (June 26, 2020) stated, “Amartya Sen and Noam Chomsky showered Kerala with praise for their successful containment of the coronavirus”.