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  • Ayman Anika

  • Colour the stress away

    Colouring may seem like a very simple exercise of illuminating surfaces with hues, but its restorative and therapeutic aspects are many. It ranges from aid in the treatment of different psychological disorders to working as an ideal mental stress reliever.
  • Essentials for the monsoon season

    Monsoon is gradually arriving with its freshness and intermittent heavy rain showers. Weather during the rainy season can be pleasing, and tempt us to crawl further into the bed and relax. However, conducting daily tasks outside and navigating the streets during the monsoon can be tricky business, especially for city dwellers.
  • Therapeutic effects of music on our body and mind

    The therapeutic benefits of music are abundant. It is the music that stirs our emotions, enriches our life with melody, and often times aids us to overcome our melancholia.
  • Practicing self-care during a time of uncertainty

    It is justified to be fearful, but let’s not forget that we need to take care of ourselves for the sake of our loved ones as well as ourselves. The term ‘self-care’ can be exceedingly helpful in coping up with this current ‘limbo’ and enhance our capability to take care of ourselves and others.
  • Mindfulness and the quarantine

    In addition to protecting our physical health from the COVID-19, we must be conscious of how to maintain our mental wellness. As fear, confinement, and uncertainty test us, practicing mindfulness can provide us some much-needed emotional nutrition.