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    Online Journalist at The Daily Star

  • Turning plastic wastes to resources

    A grim future threatens our world and the lives of thousands of species, including humans, as we keep polluting the environment with plastic wastes. However, there is still hope to save the day if we turn these wastes to resources, and there are ways to do so.
  • Reminiscing the days when TVCs were interesting

    These days, it seems as if the TV channels actually telecast the TVCs and show programs in breaks between them. The number of TVCs shown at a time may well take a test of your patience. However, there was a time when people used to enjoy the TVC breaks, and often it was found that they even hum the TVC tunes and even sing the jingles of their favourite advertisements.
  • Web Review: Expand horizons with distant learning online

    With the internet becoming faster, we can now have access to course materials and other academic resources online from the top universities in the world.
  • Web review: Learn new languages for free

    Duolingo offers an array of courses in 22 languages, including French, German, Russian, Spanish, etc. The courses range from basic to advanced levels. If you have absolutely no language skill in, say for example, German, yet you will be able to try out the basic exercises and move on to the advanced level over time.
  • Web review: The witty ‘Goats of Bangladesh’

    Your Facebook homepage may seem boring and mundane at times with all the worldly stuff and common things piling up there, unless you are a follower of the Goats of Bangladesh.