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  • Abdullah Shibli

    Economist and IT professional working in Boston, USA

  • The latest Suez crisis and the economic fallout

    The latest crisis surrounding the Suez Canal appears to have come to a favourable resolution, avoiding a full-blown disaster. The world was watching with bated breath for almost 10 days, as the Suez Canal drama was playing out last week.
  • NRB expertise and skills must be tapped aggressively

    Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRB) have played an important role in the economic growth of the motherland. Whether it is the remittances we are talking about or the “diaspora network” that facilitates technology transfer,
  • What path lies ahead for Afghanistan?

    From 1979 onwards, since the Soviet Army moved into Afghanistan to support Babrak Karmal and the communist regime, the country has been embroiled in one conflict after another.
  • Can raising the minimum wage sometimes hurt the workers?

    Raising the minimum wage is supposed to benefit the workers, particularly those who are making less than the minimum and are struggling to make a decent living.
  • Skill set workers need for the future job market

    As we fight to overcome the damages done by the Covid-19 pandemic and restart and recalibrate our economies, this is a golden opportunity to ask what we can do to prepare ourselves better for the next decade. One thing is certain.