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  • Kim offers to close nuclear test site in May, invites US experts

    North Korea promised to close its atomic test site next month and invite US weapons experts to the country, Seoul says, as US President Donald Trump expressed optimism about securing a nuclear deal with the secretive regime.

  • Moscow is a 'very pragmatic' actor

    Israel is not concerned by Russia's military presence in neighboring Syria because Moscow is a "pragmatic actor" with whom deals

  • EU moves to save Iran nuke pact

    French President Emmanuel Macron called on the United States on Wednesday not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal as Western envoys said Britain, France and Germany were nearing a package that seeks to persuade US President Donald Trump to save the pact.

  • George H W Bush recovering in hospital

    Former US President George H W Bush, admitted to the hospital shortly after the funeral of his beloved wife, has been moved out of

  • Major deadly attacks using vehicles

    7 major fatal vehicle-ramming attacks in US, Europe

    Vehicle attacks have been carried out to deadly effect by extremists in a number of capitals and major cities, including London, Paris, New York and Nice. In seven of such major attacks, at least 50 people were killed and more than 200 injured in the Europe and US.

  • US Department of State

    Bangladesh took little steps to prosecute killings by security forces: US

    The government of Bangladesh took limited measures to investigate and prosecute cases of abuse and killing by security forces in 2017, says a US report on Human Rights Practices.

  • Playboy model free to discuss Trump 'affair'

    A media group agreed to release an ex-Playboy model from a deal that stopped her from discussing an alleged affair with US President Donald Trump, both sides confirmed Wednesday.

  • 'A total con job'

    US President Donald Trump lashed out at porn star Stormy Daniels in his first substantive comments over the scandal surrounding the

  • Barbara Bush dies

    Former US first lady Barbara Bush, the only woman to see her husband and son both sworn in as president, died on Tuesday, the Bush

  • Pompeo secretly meets Kim

    US President Donald Trump yesterday confirmed that his CIA chief has held secret talks with North Korea's leader in Pyongyang, as the

  • 'Clinton win' prompted email probe

    Former FBI chief James Comey said his belief that Hillary Clinton would be elected president in 2016 "was a factor" in his handling of the probe into her misuse of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

  • US, UK, France launch air strikes in Syria

    The United States, British and French forces strike Syria with more than 100 missiles in the first coordinated Western strikes against the Damascus government, targeting what they called chemical weapons sites in retaliation for a poison gas attack.

  • Trump calls for Comey trial

    US President Donald Trump called for the prosecution of former FBI chief James Comey on Friday, unleashing a vitriolic response to the

  • Trump can fire Mueller

    The White House has insisted that Donald Trump has the power to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller, stoking fears that the

  • US-N Korea talks in 'May or early June': Trump

    US President Donald Trump has said he planned to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next month or in early June and hoped the

  • 'My mistake, I'm sorry'

    Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg says he accepts responsibility for the social network's failure to protect private data and prevent

  • Trump furious as FBI raids lawyer's offices

    A furious Donald Trump blasted the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller as a "disgrace" and a "witch hunt" Monday after FBI agents raided the New York offices of the president's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

  • Ready to discuss nukes

    North Korea has told the United States for the first time that it is prepared to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

  • Facebook says sorry to rights groups

    Facebook to warn 87m users in CA data scandal

    Under fire globally for allowing data breach, social media giant Facebook will start alerting the 87 million users, including 562,455 in

  • Humanity's first flight to Sun set to launch in July: Nasa

    Nasa's Parker Solar Probe - humanity's first mission to the Sun - is undergoing final preparations for its launch scheduled for July 31.

  • Tanzil Ferdous

    Bangladesh's Tanzil among 10 emerging global young leaders

    Bangladeshi youth Tanzil Ferdous among 10 others from around the world will be honoured by the US Department of State as outstanding young leaders on May 2.

  • 1.5b sensitive docs on open internet

    Some 1.5 billion sensitive online files, from pay stubs to medical scans to patent applications, are visible on the open internet, security

  • Beijing hits back hard at US tariffs

    China hit back quickly yesterday against the Trump administration's plans to impose tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods,

  • Female suspect dead, 3 hurt

    The woman identified by police as the attacker who wounded three people at YouTube's headquarters in California was a vegan blogger who accused the video-sharing service of discriminating against her, according to her online profile.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump declares April 'Sexual Assault Awareness' month

    US President Donald Trump -- who has himself been repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct -- designates April 2018 "National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month" amid a national debate over the issue.

  • US visa applicants to be asked for social media history

    In a broad expansion of the information gathered from applicants for US visas, the federal government is proposing to collect social media identities from nearly everyone who seeks entry into the United States, according to a State Department filing.

  • Donald Trump

    Withdrawal 'very soon'

    US President Donald Trump insisted Thursday that US forces would pull out of Syria "very soon" and lamented what he said was

  • US President Donald Trump

    US withdrawing from Syria very soon: Trump

    US President Donald Trump insists that US forces will pull out of Syria "very soon" and laments what he says was Washington's waste of $7 trillion in Middle East wars.

  • Porn star reveals 'threat' to keep silent on Trump fling

    Porn actress Stormy Daniels said she was threatened in a bid to keep her silent about her alleged fling with Donald Trump, which she

  • Stormy crisis!

    Porn actress Stormy Daniels was set to sit for a highly-anticipated interview yesterday that could shed new light on the affair she says