• 10 things Trump said simply are not true

    Global media have alleged US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of lying and distorting facts in his election campaign. Watch the motion info-graphics to know about the top ten things Trump said which are simply not true.

  • Oxford Mission, a century old church in Barisal

    While roaming the streets of Barisal city, a majestic red brick colonial structure drew my attention. From far it looks like a huge locomotive designed with beautiful archways and a dome on the top. If you have already seen it, you know what I am talking about.

  • Pirojpur’s century old wooden mosque

    Pirojpur’s century old wooden mosque

    Back in 1913, Mominuddin Akan of Mathbaria upazila in Pirojpur decided to build a mosque in his village as he was too old to go to Hajj. With the help of donations from his relative, Akan, a resident of Udoytara Burirchar village, established a beautiful wooden mosque nearby his house Akan Bari.

  • [WATCH] Discover Bangladesh: Rangpur

    Here is a glimpse of the ancient and quaint city of Rangpur, located about 299 km northwest of Dhaka.

  • Habib talks about creativity, music, his likes and dislikes

    Would you believe that the famous Bangladeshi musician Habib Wahid’s main revenue from his music comes from mobile phone ringtones?

  • WATCH: Tongi Inferno

    At least 24 people are killed and 74 injured in a huge fire triggered by a boiler explosion at plastic packaging factory in Tongi industrial area of Gazipur.

  • A Work in Progress - Beshi Joss Drums

    While a touch of the strings and strokes on the black and white reeds speak thousands of words – of generations, people, nature, love and helps one to travel all over the world, the beating of the drums, however, brings you back to life.

  • Putting Your Best Face Forward

    A little lipstick and a spot of liner is no longer what we think of when considering a makeover. From fake lashes to sculpting your dream features, the magic of makeup has now risen to a new level – the greatest wizards being makeup artists (MUAs). Gone are the days when MUAs would strictly work at salons; more young women are expressing their passion for makeup in conventional and unconventional ways. SHOUT decided to highlight MUAs from two core forms: professional and YouTuber.

  • Sundarban-10, most luxurious launch of Bangladesh

    It is a 300-foot by 50-foot three-storey behemoth with a lift and a coronary care unit (CCU). Yes, we are talking about none other than the biggest and most luxurious launch on Dhaka-Barisal route in Bangladesh -- the Sundarban 10.

  • Concern rooted in lack of understanding

    The soon to be built $1.49 billion Rampal coal-fired power plant has generated concern and controversy among the citizens,