• Straight from kitchen: Treats from Thailand

    On the third edition of Straight From Kitchen, watch the Chef de Cuisine of Amaya, Amari Dhaka prepares two delicious treats from Thailand; Green Papaya Salad with River Prawn (SOM-TAM GOONG) and Green Chicken Curry (GeangKeaw Wan Gai).

  • The celebration of age- Tasneem Hasin Chowdhury (Sponsored)

    Tasneem Hasin Chowdhury, a dietician at United Hospital in Dhaka, talks about the prejudices related to ageing at a roundtable discussion titled ‘How Old Are You’, organised by Dove.

  • Age is just a number- Azra Mahmood (Sponsored)

    Model, actress Azra Mahmood shares her understanding gleaned from a roundtable discussion titled ‘How Old Are You’, organised by Dove.

  • Explore Kushtia in one day

    One can easily pay a visit to Kushtia in a day with a good plan. Here is how one can cover the maximum spots of this spiritually and culturally rich area in just a day.

  • Time to declare Turag dead

    In the end, nobody would save the Turag river. Left at the mercy of ruthless land grabbers who continue to ravage one of Dhaka's lifelines, the river is only a shadow of its once mighty self.

  • Back to studies with promise of freedom

    The boom in the export-oriented Bangladeshi garments has caused more women to enter the workforce than ever before. A

  • A Mediterranean Meal: Le Meridien

    Straight From Kitchen: Mouthwatering Mediterranean Delicacy - Le Meridien

    The recipes have been prepared by Md. Moniruzzaman, Head Chef, Olea Restaurant, Le Meridien, Dhaka. Egyptian Style Fatta

  • Pigeon lovers of Dhaka

    Who would pay one lakh taka for a pair of exotic and rare pigeons? You may find it unbelievable, but there are some pigeon

  • Easy Cooking: Midnight Fried Rice

    Batman is not the only guy around who stays up at night. There is a nocturnal creature in all of us; from time to time we all stay up late, or wake up at odd hours. And that creature is no less than a monster – and a hungry one! Here's what you can do with a few humble ingredients such as salami, rice and eggs. Check out our quick recipe.

  • The ancient fort city in the North

    No book offers any chronological history of the ancient fortified city of Bhitargarh. But ruins of this 1500-year-old city are so loud and clear that the city's outlines are visible from space. Try Google Earth, hover over Panchagarh where this city was located and see it for yourself.

  • The mystic sage’s song from Lalon fest

    Thousands of Bauls and Lalon admirers of the country attended the three-day Lalon festival at Lalon Akhra in Kushtia to mark the 126th death anniversary of the mystic sage. Singing spiritual songs, the Bauls paid homage to Lalon at his grave. In the video above, we present to you a performance of these Bauls.

  • The mystic sage’s song from Lalon fest

    Thousands of Bauls and Lalon admirers of the country attends the three-day Lalon festival at Lalon Akhra in Kushtia to mark the 126th death anniversary of the mystic sage.

  • Rabindra Sangeet in Baul style

    If you are visiting Kuthibari, the temporary residence of poet Rabindranath Tagore then make sure you listen to the soulful music of Atiar Rahman.

  • The symbol of love and a mansion in ruins in Barisal

    Barisal, the south-western district of Bangladesh holds many treasures. Among them are the majestic ruins of the Lakutia Zamindar Bari in the quaint village of Lakutia and the Durga Sagar, one of the largest ponds in the region. Watch the video to find out more.

  • The thug life of a goat

    We can see a goat drinking from a cup of tea with much flair standing on its two legs in the video captured at a road side tea stall in Mymensingh by a morning walker, Shamsul Alam.

  • Decoding aynabaji

    Just when it seemed overdue, lo and behold, “Aynabaji” hit the box offices and history was made.

  • Sponsored awareness campaign

    A two-day programme titled “Panir Galpo” (tale of water) to raise awareness about diarrhoea kicks off in Kushtia town on October 4.

  • Garo rock concert

    Early October, a different type of rock concert took place in National Public Auditorium in Agargaon, Dhaka where almost a dozen rock groups of Bangladesh’s indigenous community performed tens of songs in four languages -- Garo, Chakma, Bangla and English. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the concert.

  • Pirojpur malta farming sees great success

    Finding no job after his graduation, Amalesh Roy, now 52, decides to try his luck at farming on his father’s land in Pirojpur.

  • Bicycle Stunt Group of Dhaka

    Dhaka offers very little sports facilities and playgrounds. But this does not stop young people to design their sporting activities.

  • Meet Kali

    A dangerous culture of impunity cloaks this ever darkening city of ours. Dhaka, a metropolis of over seven million people cramped together, has steadily become a breeding ground for all kinds of criminal elements and the future seems bleak.

  • The grand old Srinagar Bazar

    Barely an hour ride from Dhaka, Srinagar bazar is a four hundred year-old market place and a destination that appeals to a wide range of people.

  • [WATCH] Village that makes Bangladeshi imitation jewellery

    If you are buying an imitation jewellery from anywhere in Bangladesh, it’s most likely to have been made in a small village named Bhakurta in Savar.

  • Star News Plus: Is the militant threat over?

    Chief of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crimes Unit of police, Monirul Islam, and senior journalist Zayadul Ahsan Pintu talk to The Daily Star on recent series of crackdowns on militants.

  • Meet the fourth generation of poet Rabindranath Tagore

    Everyone knows about Sharmila Tagore as the next generation of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. But have you wondered how are the next few generations of Tagore doing?

  • Autumn white fields of Dhaka

    What is it that makes the month of October so different from the rest of the year? The sky wears a deep blue colour with specks of white clouds. And as you roam the country in this season—you will surely notice white seas of Kans Grass (Kashful) covering newly formed lands, shoal and the river banks.

  • Discover Bangladesh: Chill out at Arial Beel

    If you are a nature lover, you must visit the amazing Arial Beel that spreads around 136 square kilometers-- situated south of Dhaka between Padma and Dhaleshwari River.

  • [WATCH] Bangladesh Batting Stalwarts – Tamim and Shakib

    Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan are two iconic cricketers of Bangladesh who have taken their country places with their superlative performances, and earned the admiration and respect of cricket lovers worldwide.

  • Chakma Cooking 101: Bamboo shoots

    For most people of Bangladesh, bamboo shoots is something that is considered as a popular food item in China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other adjacent countries.

  • Jatra’s future by Anusheh Anadil-- A new road to commerce

    Jatra’s future by Anusheh Anadil-- A new road to commerce

    Dressed in her usual attire of cotton dhuti and kurti, Anusheh Anadil gave out an aura of purity and simplicity.