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  • Trump threatens to shutdown if no funding for wall

    US President Donald Trump threatens to shut down the federal government in September if Congress did not provide more funding to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

  • The West's Crisis of Confidence

    In an age defined by US President Donald Trump's rage, Russian President Vladimir Putin's revisionism, and Chinese President Xi Jinping's unbridled ambition, the international order is becoming increasingly disorderly, dysfunctional, and even dangerous. How did we arrive at this state of affairs? And how can we leave it behind?

  • Comey notes on Trump meetings published

    Former FBI Director James Comey in memos recounting conversations with US President Donald Trump last year says Trump repeatedly raised concern over salacious allegations in an intelligence dossier, the need for loyalty and ferreting out leakers.

  • Trump, allies praise Syria strikes as Moscow seethes

    US President Donald Trump and his British and French allies hail their joint strikes in Syria in response to its alleged use of chemical weapons, warning Damascus that any repetition would be met with renewed firepower.

  • US, UK, France launch air strikes in Syria

    The United States, British and French forces strike Syria with more than 100 missiles in the first coordinated Western strikes against the Damascus government, targeting what they called chemical weapons sites in retaliation for a poison gas attack.

  • Missiles "will be coming" to Syria, Trump warns Russia

    US President Donald Trump warns Russia of imminent military action in Syria over a suspected poison gas attack, declaring that missiles "will be coming" and lambasting Moscow for standing by Syrian President Bashar Assad.

  • Trump proposes White House summit to Putin in March

    US President Donald Trump proposes a White House summit when he called Russian President Vladimir Putin last month, prior to the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US, a top Kremlin aide says.

  • China raises tariffs

    China raises tariffs on US pork, fruit in trade dispute

    China raises import duties on a $3 billion list of US pork, fruit and other products in an escalating tariff dispute with President Donald Trump that companies worry might depress global commerce.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump declares April 'Sexual Assault Awareness' month

    US President Donald Trump -- who has himself been repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct -- designates April 2018 "National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month" amid a national debate over the issue.

  • US President Donald Trump

    US withdrawing from Syria very soon: Trump

    US President Donald Trump insists that US forces will pull out of Syria "very soon" and laments what he says was Washington's waste of $7 trillion in Middle East wars.

  • Donald Trump

    Trump says 'good chance' Kim will give up nukes

    US President Donald Trump, who has agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un, says there is a now a good chance the North Korean leader will give up his country's nuclear weapons.

  • Trump expels 60 Russians after UK chemical attack

    US President Donald Trump orders the expulsion of 60 Russians from the United States and closes the Russian consulate in Seattle over a nerve agent attack earlier this month in Britain, senior US officials say.

  • Rohingya crisis issue

    Rohingya Issue: Trump praises Hasina's leadership

    US President Donald Trump has lauded the “personal leadership” of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in addressing the plight of the Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh from Rakhine State in Myanmar.

  • Trump lauds Hasina’s role in Rohingya crisis

    US President Donald Trump lauds the “personal leadership” of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in addressing the plight of the Rohingyas who have fled to Bangladesh from Rakhine State in Myanmar.

  • Trump picks Bolton to replace McMaster as national security adviser

    US President Donald Trump shakes up his foreign policy team again, replacing HR McMaster as national security adviser with John Bolton, a hawk who has advocated using military force against North Korea and Iran.

  • Trump to oust national security advisor

    US President Donald Trump decides to sack National Security Advisor HR McMaster, in what would be the latest in a string of high-profile White House departures, The Washington Post reports.

  • Adult-film actress sues Trump over 'hush agreement'

    Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels sues US President Donald Trump, alleging he never signed a nondisclosure agreement to keep her quiet about an “intimate” relationship between them.

  • Trump's economic adviser Cohn quits

    Gary Cohn, the top economic adviser to US President Donald Trump and a voice for Wall Street in the White House, says he will resign, a move that has come after he lost a fight over Trump’s plans for hefty steel and aluminum import tariffs.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump threatens to tax European auto imports

    US President Donald Trump keeps up pressure on trading partners, threatening European automakers with a tax on imports if the European Union retaliates against his plan to slap tariffs on aluminum and steel.

  • Trade wars are good, and easy to win: Trump

    President Donald Trump declares “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” a bold claim that will likely find many skeptics, including those on Wall Street and even some Republicans.

  • Hope Hicks

    Close Trump aide Hope Hicks to resign

    Hope Hicks, one of US President Donald Trump's longest-serving and most trusted aides, is resigning from her job as White House communications director, a blow to the president, whose inner circle has been depleted by firings and clouded by scandal.

  • Don't worry about the NRA: Trump

    US President Donald Trump urges governors not to be afraid of the nation’s most powerful gun lobby as they seek to beef up school safety after last week’s deadly mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings

    Students galvanised by the deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school confront lawmakers with demands to restrict sales of assault rifles, while President Donald Trump suggests arming teachers as a way to stop more US rampages.

  • Trump visits Florida shooting survivors

    US President Donald Trump visits a Florida hospital to offer comfort to those wounded in a mass school shooting, after the FBI admitted it mishandled a tip about the troubled teen behind the massacre that left 17 dead.

  • ‘Trump’, ‘Kim’ thrown out of Olympic Opening

    People dressed up as US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un cause a commotion when they appear in the stands at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony before swiftly being shown out by security staff.

  • Trump wants military parade in Washington

    US President Donald Trump has ordered Pentagon and White House officials to begin planning a military parade in Washington similar to the Bastille Day parade he witnessed in Paris in July, the Washington Post reports.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump seeing the light on free trade? Perhaps

    US President Donald Trump may have realized his "America First" policy risks leaving the US alone on trade, but analysts are skeptical

  • Trump offered 18-karat Italian gold toilet

    In response to a request for a Van Gogh artwork to adorn the walls of the president and first lady's private residence in the White House, The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation offers a fully functioning, 18-karat gold toilet instead.

  • ‘Trump ordered Mueller's firing, then backed off’

    US President Donald Trump last June ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired but backed down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than follow his directive, The New York Times reports citing four people told of the matter.

  • US govt workers awake to shutdown, Senate vote looms

    Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are to wake up on Monday with the US government still shut down and the Senate expected to try again to restore federal funding, if only temporarily, and work on resolving a dispute over immigration.