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  • 5 Years into Taqi Murder: No justice yet, thanks to culture of impunity

    Taqi's killers could not be brought to justice even after five years because of the culture of impunity prevailing in the country, noted personalities said yesterday.

  • Is five years not enough?

    The lax progress in the Taqi murder case is deeply disturbing. Five years have passed since the seventeen-year-old boy was brutally killed in Narayanganj and Rab, the investigating agency in this case, has not yet been able to submit the charge sheet. It is frustrating to hear the same thing over and over again from the Rab officials that they would submit the probe report soon. How soon is soon enough?

  • 5 Years into Taqi Murder: Rab still sitting on charge sheet

    For Taqi's parents, the last five years have been a long, agonising wait for justice. And they have no clue as to when that wait would be over.

  • Taqi's murder

    Everything about the Taqi murder case screams of injustice, an injustice that is beginning to question the credibility of the administration.

  • No charges pressed yet

    Three years have passed since Tanwir Muhammad Taqi, a bright teenage boy, was brutally murdered in Narayanganj, but investigators

  • Lax progress in Taqi murder case

    WE would like to add our voice to that of the eminent citizens in their plea made to the prime minister calling for proper investigation to find out the real culprits in the gruesome killing of a young boy in Narayanganj.