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  • Promises Myanmar Never Kept

    Nurul Amin had fled to Bangladesh along with his parents in 1991, just as more than 2.5 lakh Rohingya who escaped forced labour, rape and religious persecution in Myanmar.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Shield Rohingyas from monsoon

    The United Nations has said that the lives of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees hang in the balance as they face 'life threatening' hazards due to the monsoon and cyclone seasons, which threaten to destroy their makeshift camps in Bangladesh.

  • Keep up pressure on Myanmar

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday stressed the need for keeping up pressure on Myanmar from different levels for resolving the Rohingya crisis.

  • Dhaka hopeful

    Bangladesh looks forward with optimism as the UN Security Council delegation begins a visit to Bangladesh today, eight months into

  • The United Nations Logo

    Myanmar playing tricks on UN too

    Myanmar has been playing tricks not only on Bangladesh but also on the United Nations Security Council over the repatriation of Rohingyas since September last year.

  • ‘Not my concern'

    A top Myanmar official has admitted Rohingyas were tortured but played down the global concern over its ethnic cleansing, saying his

  • Rohingya repatriation programme

    Press Myanmar on repatriation

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for more international pressure on Myanmar to take back Rohingya refugees, rejecting an assertion by Myanmar that it has repatriated the first Rohingya family of five.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Raped, killed because they are Rohingya

    A Rohingya rights activist has asked the UN Security Council to refer Myanmar to the International Criminal Court immediately for its

  • Rohingya Return: Dhaka today signs MoU with UNHCR

    Bangladesh and the UNHCR are set to sign today a Memorandum of Understanding on the repatriation of Rohingyas, who fled violence

  • Repatriation 'very soon'

    Myanmar Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Minister Win Myat Aye yesterday hinted at taking actions against senior Myanmar

  • Repatriation a priority

    Amid growing international pressure, Win Myat Aye, an influential Myanmar minister who is overseeing repatriation of the Rohingyas,

  • Rohingya crisis issue

    Rohingya Repatriation: Myanmar needs more time to verify list

    A cabinet minister of Myanmar has made it clear that the repatriation of Rohingya refugees will be delayed and they need more time to verify the list provided by Bangladesh.

  • Rohingya Repatriation: PM sees virtually no progress

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said there has been virtually no progress on repatriation of the Rohingyas although Bangladesh

  • Bhashan Char

    No virtual progress in efforts to repatriate Rohingyas: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says although Bangladesh and Myanmar have been making various efforts, including the signing of a deal, to repatriate over a million Rohingyas from Bangladesh, there has been no virtual progress in this regard so far.

  • Intent to deceive

    Myanmar is living up to the global suspicion about its real intention behind signing the deal for repatriation of more than seven lakh Rohingya refugees. The intention, as suspected by experts and global rights bodies, was all but taking back the Rohingyas.

  • Rohingya crisis issue

    Rohingya Repatriation: Bangladesh working with Myanmar in good faith

    As a responsible and responsive nation, Bangladesh remains engaged with Myanmar in good faith to ensure the safe and sustainable return of Rohingyas, in addition to providing humanitarian assistance to them, said State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam.

  • Rohingya crisis issue

    Repatriation: Only 374 Rohingyas verified

    Myanmar has only been able to verify 374 Rohingya Muslim refugees for possible repatriation from Bangladesh, officials said

  • Rohingya Refugee Repatriation

    Thousands of Rohingya flee 'no man's land' after resettlement talks

    Thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled a strip of land on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh after the two countries met to discuss resettling them, an official and a community leader said.

  • Rohingya Repatriation

    Ensure safe repatriation, allow UN to play its role

    India and Canada yesterday called for voluntary and safe repatriation of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Myanmar and allowing

  • Rohingya Repatriation

    Myanmar needs to ‘focus on addressing underlying problems’

    Diplomatic missions in Myanmar have urged the Myanmar authorities to address the underlying problems, including security, freedom of movement, access to livelihoods, health and education, and citizenship issues.

  • European Union

    EU needs to reassess ties with Myanmar

    The mass exodus of Rohingyas in the face of persecution makes it necessary for the European Union to reassess its relations with Myanmar, Members of the European Parliament (MEP) has said.

  • Rohingya repatriation

    EU needs to reassess ties with Myanmar, say MEPs

    The mass exodus of Rohingya following human rights violations makes it necessary for the European Union to reassess its relationship with Myanmar, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) say.

  • Rohingya Repatriation: First list handed to Myanmar

    With the process of Rohingya repatriation caught in a limbo, Bangladesh yesterday handed Myanmar a list of 8,032 refugees from 1,673 families who are likely to be the first batch to return to their homeland.

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    Over 10 lakh Rohingyas registered so far

    A total of 10.38 lakh Rohingyas are registered so far and they will not be able to carry Bangladeshi passport or National Identity (NID) Card anymore.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Put pressure on Myanmar for ensuring safe return of Rohingyas: ASEAN body

    ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights call upon the Southeast Asian regional community to mount pressure on Myanmar for ensuring safe and voluntary repatriation of the Rohingyas from Bangladesh.

  • Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

    HRW urges suspension of Rohingya repatriation

    Human Rights Watch, a non-government organisation, today said Bangladesh should suspend the Rohingya refugee repatriation plan entirely as it "threatens the refugees' security and well-being."

  • Rohingya Return: Preparation needs more time: UNHCR

    More time is needed to prepare the return of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to northern Rakhine State in Myanmar, the UN refugee chief said yesterday, after a Bangladeshi official said the plan to begin it today had been delayed.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Bangladesh says Rohingya return to Myanmar is delayed

    Bangladesh says that the repatriation of Muslim Rohingya refugees to Myanmar will not happen on Tuesday as planned because arrangements are incomplete.

  • Rohingya Refugees: Repatriation faces a hitch

    The return of Rohingyas is scheduled to begin tomorrow, but some of the major tasks including finalisation of the list of families and setting up of repatriation camps remain incomplete. This makes the start of repatriation on the announced date uncertain.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Diplomats for safe and dignified Rohingya return

    Diplomats stationed in Dhaka lay emphasis on "safe, voluntary and dignified" return of Rohingyas from Bangladesh to Myanmar to make their return sustainable.