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  • The Great Wall

    “We are gonna build a wall. And we are gonna make the terrorists pay for it,” Debaish Taran, Builder of Cities.

  • The Beef with the Budget

    "The second group of haters is of course the rich who believe that paying higher taxes would mean they would literally starve. Thank God for offshore accounts, right rich guys?" We dissect the 2016 budget this week.

  • A Foreigner's Guide to Dhaka

    This week, as a special treat to the foreigner-loving Bangladeshis, this column will be written by Billy Steve Sam, reflecting on his first visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Why Terrorists shouldn't carry their passports and other things

    Syrian passports must be bombproof. It's a strange world we live in these days. Thank God we have our passports to fall back on when stuff hits the fan.

  • Don't Mock the Man-God

    Jerusalem Syndrome: This is a mental condition, when people, especially tourists, start believing themselves to be reincarnations of important religious figures after a visit to the holiest of holy cities.

  • Too ill for justice

    With so many busy talking about depression, breast cancer, ebola and AIDS, we tend to neglect one of the biggest psychological and physiological illnesses of current times- Affluenza.

  • Meeting the Martian

    The Martian world, a rogue state with no electorally approved leader, has just sent us its message. They don't want anything to do with us. In fact, they think the universe is better off without us.