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  • HSC geography second paper exam

    HSC: Tomorrow’s geography exam rescheduled to May 14

    The government postpones tomorrow’s geography second paper exam of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) tests across the country and reschedules it to May 14.

  • Panic at HSC Examination 2018

    HSC 2018: Panic at the examination centre

    The question leak issue has been at play over the past several years and has been rotting the core of our education's assessment system—board examinations. This year however, after the question leaks in the Secondary School Certificate examination (SSC), the authorities have taken stricter measures to prevent question leaks, including social media surveillance and better security around exam centres. It was also announced that all district boards will supply the same question paper, choosing amongst 4 sets of previously prepared question papers, which will be done 25 minutes before the exam. This policy has given birth to a new set of problems.

  • Coaching centres shut down ahead of HSC Examination 2018

    Coaching centres to be shut ahead of HSC tests

    In a bid to prevent question paper leak in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams, the Education Ministry has decided to close down coaching centres from March 29.