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  • Bangladesh won't seek GSP from US anymore: commerce minister

    Bangladesh will not demand the restoration of the generalised system of preferences to the US anymore as Washington has added new

  • Export to US down nearly 5 percent

    When it comes to RMG, Bangladesh unfortunately lags behind its biggest competitors since 40 percent of fabrics need to be imported due to the inability of local industry to meet needs on time. Gearing up local yarn makers to become more efficient is a long term affair.

  • European Union

    Retaining EU GSP facilities

    The European Union (EU) letter to the government threatening removal of GSP facilities if there is no tangible progress on labour rights comes in the heels of ban on cargo flights out of Bangladesh.

  • US lauds Bangladesh’s progress on GSP action plan

    The United States has appreciated Bangladesh’s progress on sustainability compact and GSP plan of action, a press release of Bangladesh embassy in Washington DC said.

  • BD-US Ticfa meeting in Washington Monday

    Bangladesh and the United States will hold the second round of Ticfa meeting in Washington on Monday in which Bangladesh will highlight the progress in terms of RMG sector reforms with a high hope to get back GSP benefit in the US market.

  • Tofail hopes for restoring GSP during Ticfa talks

    Bangladesh expects to restore the generalised system of preferences (GSP) status during the upcoming Ticfa meeting, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed says.

  • Ticfa meaningless if GSP not restored: Tofail

    Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed says the Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement (Ticfa) will be meaningless if the GSP to the US market is not restored.

  • Ditto and more…

    What does the US gain by not restoring the GSP facility? And what do we lose?

  • ‘Dhaka closely working with US to root out terrorism’

    Bangladesh is diligently working with the United States to root out violent extremism, says Bangladesh Ambassador to the US Mohammad Ziauddin.

  • PM blames Khaleda, Jamaat for losing GSP

    Blaming Khaleda Zia and Jamaat-e-Islami for loosing GSP facility in the US market, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says the BNP chief and Jamaat have been spreading propaganda against the country by appointing lobbyists.

  • Making RMG compliance mandatory

    A recently held seminar in the city organized by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) brought together union representatives, business leaders in garments industry and other stakeholders to deliberate on the issue of compliance.

  • “It smells of double standards“

    I am not in support of the fact that Bangladesh was left out of the GSP programme by the US. It smells of double standards.

  • “The US should give us the GSP to inspire us to do better”

    It is very unfortunate. The world knows that conditions are getting better in Bangladesh. We are working closely with the government, the ILO, the EU and others.

  • US' 'No' to GSP: One-sided love affair!

    Though US-Bangla interactions have evolved on a love-hate trajectory, an exception is made in relation to the GSP facility for Bangladesh. Dhaka's obsession with it has not been reciprocated by Washington.


    GSP is always riddled with the subjectivity of the benefit granting countries. Indeed, trade analysts would recognise that this element of subjectivity is one of the fundamental problems with the GSP regimes.

  • No more initiative to regain GSP: Tofail

    Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed says the government will not take any more initiative to regain the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) status in the US market.

  • GSP: Bangladesh’s reforms and unfinished tasks

    Bangladesh made unprecedented progress in labour and safety standards over the last two years, which had raised hopes for the country of regaining trade benefits from the United States.

  • US leaves out Bangladesh from GSP

    Bangladesh has been left out of the United States’ generalized system of preference (GSP).

  • GSP

    Time to use WTO multilateral forum

    THE US suspended Bangladesh from its Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) scheme on 27 June 2013, following concerns over poor labour conditions particularly after the horrific collapse of Rana Plaza.