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  • Elephant calf struggles to live

    When an elephant calf fell down from a 150 feet high hill on March 24, at Khaleque'r Ghona of Sharafbhata union under Rangunia upazila, other elephants in its herd frantically tried to pull it back up and take it along with them.

  • elephant-extortion-airport-road, elephant extortion, airport road


    Once upon a time city people have to go to the zoo or out into the jungle to see elephants. But now, people can find elephants, most of them in a sorry state, on many city streets as they are used for collecting money from the commuters. Take for example, people commuting through the Airport Road are seen panicking, when their vehicles were barred by an elephant, creating havoc on the road near Kuril flyover in Dhaka.

  • Trapped baby elephant rescued in Sherpur

    A baby elephant which got trapped in abandoned well in Dudhnoi border area of Jhenigati upazila early yesterday has been rescued.

  • India to bring back washed away elephant

    India is to bring back a wild elephant which was washed away by the Brahmaputra last month and reached a sandbar in Kurigram district, reports The Times of India.

  • [WATCH] Arnold Schwarzenegger gets charged by elephant

    The "Terminator" star shared a video of the incident on YouTube on Tuesday and wrote: "I couldn't have written this safari encounter better if it was a movie".

  • Video catches baby elephant rescue in Sri Lanka

    A young elephant is rescued from an uncovered drain in Sri Lanka's southern port of Hambantota. The calf appears to have fallen into a drain on the main road leading to the port.

  • Rampaging elephants kill 5 villagers in India

    Five people have been killed by wild elephants that went on the rampage, triggering panic in a village in eastern India.

  • Wild elephant goes on rampage in Indian town

    A wild elephant went on an hours-long rampage in a town in eastern India on Wednesday, damaging about 100 homes, shops and other buildings, a state minister said.

  • Tanzania poachers kill British pilot

    A British helicopter pilot has been shot dead by elephant poachers in Tanzania, the conservation charity for which he was working has said.

  • Baby elephant, baby Giraffe are the cutest 2 peas in a pod

    Besties don't have to be the same height or speak the same language. Heck, they don't even have to be the same species.

  • Largest elephant in Africa shot by hunter

    A hunter has shot dead the largest elephant killed in Africa for almost three decades.

  • Elephant’s sense of cleanliness (video)

    An elephant caught cleaning garbage in a closed circuit camera has taken the internet by storm.

  • Elephant conservation initiatives in Bangladesh

    Government announces seven sanctuaries in the country—Chunti, Pablakhali, Teknaf, Sangu, Dudhpukuria-Dhopachhari and Fashiakhali and one national park (Kaptai national park) to conserve elephants and other wild life

  • Human vs elephants

    The main reason for declining elephant population is destruction of elephants habitat and food resources by humans.

  • Did you know why Alexander did not proceed to conquer ancient Bengal?

    At around 300 BC, when Alexander the great came to conquer Bengal—then known as Ganga Rashtra, meaning Nation on the River Ganges, alias Gangaridai—he abandoned the idea of going further considering the military strength of the then ruler.

  • World Elephant Day: Behemoths that scared Alexander

    Elephants were abundant in Bangladesh even a century ago. Its number has dropped down to 200 to 350 presently, according to the forest department

  • Easy ways to help this World Elephant Day

    Animal lovers around the world come together to celebrate elephants and support a future where they’re respected and protected for the fourth annual World Elephant Day this August 12,2015.

  • 2 elephants die from electrocution

    Two elephants die from electrocution at Riverine Army Base in Kaptai of Rangamati.