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  • The Great Wall

    “We are gonna build a wall. And we are gonna make the terrorists pay for it,” Debaish Taran, Builder of Cities.

  • Lexus RX200t

    For starters, the Lexus RX200t is more fun than I expected a mid-size luxury SUV to be. The 2.0 turbo makes 235bhp and 258lb ft of torque while looking like an unmasked Predator from the Arnold movie. Also, we put our sub editor's head under the automatic rear door.

  • The Beef with the Budget

    "The second group of haters is of course the rich who believe that paying higher taxes would mean they would literally starve. Thank God for offshore accounts, right rich guys?" We dissect the 2016 budget this week.

  • The JDM invasion by hotwheels: Mazda RX3

    Hotwheels has been bringing on the JDM invasion in small amounts. This RX3 shows how serious they are.

  • Front

    2016 BMW X1

    This second generation X1 is a mini crossover. It is also the smallest from BMW, sold in Bangladesh with the most interesting engine for tech geeks.

  • New contender from Lenovo: ZUK Z1

    Lenovo brings about a new sub-brand under the ZUK nametag. Is a big sharp screen, big battery and last years flagship processor enough to set them on the path to world dominance?

  • A Foreigner's Guide to Dhaka

    This week, as a special treat to the foreigner-loving Bangladeshis, this column will be written by Billy Steve Sam, reflecting on his first visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Custom Integra Type R

    A custom Hot Wheels Integra...that has been reverted to stock form?! Read on.

  • Drones, robots and driverless cars at the CES ASIA 2016

    The 2nd CES Asia showcases the biggest tech developments. Bytes heads out to China for an exclusive first-hand view of all the tech magic yet to come. Drones, robots, 3D printing and electric cars take centre stage

  • Hottest HWs of 2016

    Hot Wheels in 2016 started off with a bang with more JDM specials and factory USDM hotrods. We look at the best of the lot that's sure to attract customisers.

  • Mini cars, big meet

    Model car collecting is a hobby best suited for individuals with patience and a taste for war as everyone scrabbles for the best pieces. Here's the 2nd meetup of the biggest collectors' group in Bangladesh.

  • Mini Golf

    Today's pick is this rather popular and common first generation Golf model by Bburago. This along with a test drive of a rare for Bangladesh 1:1 Golf.

  • Clean or mean: custom HW BMW and Dodge

    Customising a Dodge and a BMW from Hotwheels. One goes mean, the other goes clean.

  • Why Terrorists shouldn't carry their passports and other things

    Syrian passports must be bombproof. It's a strange world we live in these days. Thank God we have our passports to fall back on when stuff hits the fan.

  • Custom Honda NSX 1:24 kit car from Tamiya

    The NSX is the holy grail of Japanese automotive wizardry. Born in the 90's this car is surpassed by power output and electro-gadgetry. Yet, this still makes petrol-head knees quiver, showing the world that it’s all about the fun you can have. If Ayrton Senna considered it one of his favorites, who are we to argue?

  • 2015 Honda City: City Tourer

    The current 6th gen Honda City has super sharp lines breaking up that tall body and it's packed with an efficient engine and plenty of kit. If this city car the best city car?

  • Easy access: Aamra aPhone brings free Wi-Fi services to special hotspots around city

    Aamra aPhone brings free Wi-Fi services to special hotspots around city

  • Skylines R34 from Autoart, Kinsmart and Hotwheels

    The R34 is special. It is a technical wizard that easily out handles cars several times the price. But more than that, it is also a movie star. We have an Autoart 1:18 on hand as well as a couple of smaller, sibling R34s from our own stash.

  • Urban Escape: 2015 Ford Escape

    The Ford Escape is a compact crossover. As such it promises more car-like features and handling but with the added magic of an SUVs ground crushing power. We drive the 2.0 Ecoboost.

  • Autoart Trueno AE86

    Most petrolheads want a real AE86. There are only two life-size AE86 Truenos in Bangladesh and we can't import any old cars. So if you want one, this incredibly detailed scale size is your best bet.

  • Blue Train Camry: 1992 turbo SV30

    Comfortable, reliable cruiser gets turned into a bruiser with the help of some 3SGTE turbo goodness.

  • Bangladesh isn't the worst, yet

    Good news: Bangladesh isn't the worst at least not in terms of how we drive.

  • Fuel and fire: 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

    Autosmith tuned 600+ AWHP Mitsubishi Evo 6. A continuously evolving monster thrill-fest on wheels.

  • Family heirloom: 1967 Toyota Corona RT40

    A 60's automotive icon gets a fresh lease on life at the hands of a proud owner - 1967 Toyota Corona RT40.

  • Too much is enough: 2ZZGE Tuned Toyota Corolla Axio NZE]141

    The Toyota Corolla Axio is a good car. It's good in the same way a tomato is good for you. A tomato isn't offensive to look at, has the right kind of stuff that is good for health and everyone can have one. That's an Axio. Unless you add a 2ZZGE

  • Levin Large: Toyota AE92 Levin

    A bone stock base model Levin converted to a very cool, jet-black, 4AGE powered daily driving funster. Consider this a how-to.

  • Smooth Lines: 1994 Toyota ED

    The Ceres, Marino, Camry Prominent, Exiv, ED, all worked hard at providing some form of cool factor to what might have been completely boring family cars Toyota. Add a little bit more and you have a uber-cool subtle sedan in the form of this ED.

  • Makeover: N16 Nissan Sunny 2.2 Diesel

    The N16 Sunny diesel with a host of cool cosmetic mods from Nismo. These are not exciting cars per se, but they get the job done very well. These cars will ferry you where you need to go in relative comfort.