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    Solving salinity

    Water: the stuff of life. A reliable supply of fresh drinking water is one of the most fundamental requirements of any human society. In south-western Bangladesh high salinity in drinking water is a widespread and catastrophic problem that adversely affects human health.

  • Arsenic danger still not over

    The government is not paying adequate attention to the health hazards caused by arsenic contamination even though millions of people are exposed to it, says Professor Abul Hussam, a US researcher of Bangladesh origin.

  • Centre for pavement dwellers

    We applaud the initiative of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), Sajida Foundation, Concern Worldwide and Water Aid of opening a three...

  • 100 RMG workers fall sick ‘drinking water’ at factory

    One-hundred workers of a garments factory had to take treatment at the hospital today after drinking water from the factory canteen.

  • Water management mess

    As it is, there has been a deficit of .2 billion litres of potable water in the capital and the only water treatment plant in Saidabad is unable to meet the growing water supply needs of the burgeoning city...

  • California to fight drought turning sea water into drinking water

    Californians are about to get their water from a new source - the Pacific Ocean, as Governor Jerry Brown’s new plan to save the state is set to launch next year.

  • Living in slum: Where money can’t get you enough drinking water

    Bhashantek slum residents are being deprived of the facilities as well as their fundamental rights, despite paying five times higher than the other Dhaka city dwellers pay for getting minimum facilities of sanitation and waste management.