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  • Dhaka Sadarghat

    Bad weather halts water vessel services

    Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) suspends all types of water vessels services from Sadarghat launch terminal in Dhaka due to stormy weather.

  • Dredger purchase to take 10 years?

    A report published by this paper on Thursday about a government project to make the country's waterways navigable within 10 years is a perfect example of how inefficiency and mismanagement can turn important projects stagnant.

  • Launch, ferry services resume

    After about 24-hour halt, launch and ferry services resume across the country.

  • Route to Paira in poor shape

    The Bangladesh Inland Water Transportation Authority (BIWTA) hopes to formally inaugurate the Paira seaport

  • BIWTA scraps lease for Sadarghat launch terminal

    Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) today scrapped a lease for the Sadarghat launch terminal in Dhaka.

  • River polluters warned

    Millions of gallons of untreated wastewaters, mainly from industries, are being dumped into the rivers around Dhaka city through as many as 185 outlets every day.

  • BIWTA recreation centre on Buriganga to go

    The Supreme Court upholds a High Court verdict that directed the government to demolish and remove the recreation centre from Buriganga river at Kamrangirchar area in Dhaka.

  • Vessel movement resumes after Komen weakens

    Bangladesh Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) resumed water vessel movement in all internal routes around 10:00am as cyclone Komen weakens, says Mozammel Haque, Chairman of BIWTA.

  • All water transports suspended

    In view of the cyclone ‘Komen’ approaching, authorities have suspended operations on all water routes throughout the country.

  • Launches get Eid colours (video)

    Water transport workers at different dockyards in Sadarghat terminal of Dhaka are passing busy times to repair and beautify launches to ensure a safe and comfortable journey ahead of Eid.

  • Bad weather affects water routes

    Bad weather takes a toll on the river connectivity throughout Bangladesh today, forcing suspension of operations at several key points.

  • 4 dead in Munshiganj trawler capsize

    At least three people are dead and 15 others missing after a trawler capsized in Munshiganj’s Gozaria upazila last night following a collision with another water vessel.